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I hope this post finds you well, enjoying the holiday season with friends and family, warm and cozy.

Today, and this past week, I am thankful for HEAT.  We’ve been having ridiculously cold weather for my area – All my outside water froze – Frozen solid! Here, this never happens.  And above most things, I hate being cold.  This past weekend, I read a book that really made me stop and pause, and think about just how lucky I am to be warm inside, with my family around me.  How Lucky I AM – period.  That book is A Lucky Child by Thomas Buergenthal.

This morning I was outside doing some work in the back yard, filling up holes that had been dug by dogs…and it reminded me of the time I spent working as a merchandiser at Lowe’s in the garden department.  I love gardens and plants.  I love talking to people about gardening.  So I thought this would be a great job for me – active, outdoors, and since I started in January it would be brisk and keep me moving.  Yea, the day I started we had a cold snap and it froze.  Unloading and moving wet heavy plants around when it’s freezing, not cool.  This morning reminded me of that time and how miserable it was.  But that’s nothing, LITERALLY NOTHING.  Not even a drop in the bucket.  I’ve got nothing on little Tommy Buergenthal – the child – yes, CHILD – that survived  Auschwitz and Sachsenhausen concentration camps.  He survived the Auschwitz Death March.  And when I say child I mean CHILD, he was liberated from Sachsenhausen at the age of 11.

This past week whenever outside dressed in many layers – long-sleeved t-shirt, heavy jeans, sweater, scarf, heavy coat, and still freezing – even just walking from the car to the grocery store –  I have thought about Tommy.  Who walked the Auschwitz Death March while starving, in what equated to nothing more than thin pajamas, boots too big and no socks, with rags wrapped around his feet..  And I think, could I have done it?  This child who by what he describes as “luck” – his mother was told by a clairvoyant that he was “Ein Glückskind” – a Lucky Child.  She knew that her son would make it through the war – never doubting it.  Miraculously, he did make it, in that time relying solely on luck, the kindness of others, his own instincts and a desire to live – which was tested daily, with death all around – the story is amazing.  A true testament to the human spirit.  I read it in one day.  And his story doesn’t stop with the liberation, it goes on to tell what he has done since and continues to do in his current life.  Yes, Thomas Buergenthal is still alive, and has done, and continues to do phenomenal things for his fellow man, some of which include being a professor of International Law and Human Rights, and serving for more than a decade as the American judge on the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

So having read his story, a child faced with so much injustice, living in a place of horror and despair, and having done so much with the life he was given, I’ve been asking myself, what can I do?  We do what we can with what we’ve got, and we’ve all been given so much in compairison…how can I reach my potential, and not squander my gifts, but use them to help others and show them their own gifts in turn?  There are people all around us every day that can help us, elevate us, show us the direction to go, or stand up for us when we need the help.  The connections are there, if we can see them, make them and maintain them, and when there’s nothing else, there’s always, by the grace of God, Luck.

I am shown this daily.  Today of all days I am shown that faith and hope play a role – today our Traveling Psychic Supper Club project is moving forward, the project that started with one tiny idea and has grown due to the supporting cast of characters we’ve gained along the way – to include many people who believe in it and what it stands for – who see the diamond in the rough.  People that trust, just the right people pushing it forward –  who know where to take it and what to say.

The project that began with a voice mail on December 1st, 2012 that started, “Hello, I’m David Sauvage, I’m a director that…”  – it’s taken a year, many steps along the way, more than a few edits, individuals come and gone, but all the while pushing the project forward…

And now, here we are.  I have all the faith in the world in the people involved in this next step, my New York team.   Today I am thankful for everything and everyone that has gotten us to exactly this point in time, My family, my Austin people, those in NY that found us in the first place, and everyone attached at that little company that starts with a W.   And to everyone that has yet to connect, and seal the deal – I am thankful for you too.  And I know whatever happens is perfect.


Who are you TODAY?

Today I get my life back.  Kids back in school, company gone home, husband back at work.  Emails to be replied to a crapload of projects to get back to, another one formulating in my mind first thing today.  Back at that feeling of DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START.  OVERWHELMED, Just take that first step…

I’m thinking this morning about all the things people want me to be.  One minute an advisor, another minute a leader.  Tomorrow a teacher.  A coach, a friend, a brainstormer.  And of who I was last week, a cook, a hostess, a mom.  a wife.

And all these new expectations, that push me way out of my comfort zone – A director wants one thing, dresses, fanciness, attention to looks, fashion…when I’m most comfortable in jeans and a hoodie.  But I can do it.  I can do anything.  But today is my day.  Today I’ve got a million things to do – at home, for work, for class tomorrow, for the future, but since today is my day, before I do all of that, I want to do something I love and miss, that reminds me that there are some things I’m not very good at, but love to do anyway.  That reminds me that falling hurts, but not as bad as you think it would.

After spending an hour looking through a bunch of old pictures on my laptop, looking for skate pics, but reliving scenes from my past lives crammed into this one – kids in elementary school, life working at the skate shop, two sister’s weddings….all the lives I’ve lived in the past 10 year, locked in files on the computer…

I’m going skateboarding.   Again.  I just wish Pic wasn’t in school so he could go with me.  🙂

Leander Skatepark Jan 2010-008

Say Anything is one of the greatest movies of all time.

I’ve had the amazing experience lately of being able to relive the 80’s again, but in a whole new way.  Recently I had the  joy of interviewing my dear old friend and new author Kari Luna on my radio show (here’s the link to that show: )- she wrote a bad ass book all about the 80’s, mixed tapes and kooky wonderful outfits, which also includes physics, loving friends and a wonderful story.  Her book is called The Theory of Everything.  You should read it.  it’s Awesome.  The 80’s were Awesome!  And we lived it.  The music the clothes, the awkward situations… everything….SO –  I watched Say Anything this morning with my daughter, who is 15.  I just let her watch it, and didn’t add anything.  That’s the way to watch a movie like that, without any extra stuff to think about.  But here’s the stuff I wanted to say:

Actually, I’m not going to tell you the things I wanted to say about the movie or the people in the movie and where they are now…  I’ll see what everyone remembers about the movie, how it made you feel, or what you think of it now, watching it again as an adult or watching it for the first time.  I’d love it if you added a comment about your thoughts on Say Anything…..Either way, watch it.  This is something I got out of it….and was thinking about as I was watching it.

I am lucky.  NO – I am tremendously lucky.  Diane, the main character in the movie has this wonderful relationship with her father, where she can literally say anything.  It made me start thinking about the people in my life, and how I too, can say anything.  I am amazingly grateful for this.  It has to do with dropping fear.  For me, but also for the people around me, not being afraid.  In the past few weeks I’ve had some opportunities to tell someone, and hear back from someone – Anything.  And coming from a place of not being afraid, was the key.  Not being afraid they couldn’t handle it.  Not being afraid it was the wrong thing.  Or would be taken the wrong way.  Just knowing what I was saying was the right thing – the only thing – this person at this time expected to hear from me.  This is tremendously freeing.  To be able to SAY and HEAR ANYTHING.

No, it’s not always been that way.  Who hasn’t been Diane Court, amazingly hopeful, also disappointed, afraid, not knowing what to do or what comes next?  On a pedestal one minute, then had the rug pulled out, not knowing how bad the fall is going to be?  Who hasn’t been Lloyd Dobler – put it all out there, told the truth, gotten smashed?  Had the opportunity to be the one with the upper hand, and used it with love?  Who hasn’t been Jim Court, wanting to hold onto what you’ve got, while you’re losing everything, living in a prison of poor choices and grave mistakes, created out of sheer love, but turned wrong somewhere all because of wanting to protect someone we love?  Who hasn’t been looked up to, or the one looking up to them?  The one standing on the rug, or the one having the rug pulled out, hard and fast?  The one needing a hand, or the one extending it?  The mistake maker, or the one the mistake was made against?  Who hasn’t been all of them, in one lifetime, at one point or another?

I heard In Your Eyes a whole new way today too, the song Lloyd plays for Diane, yes the iconic  with John Cusack holding the boom box in the rain – there’s only a piece of it, here:  And if you haven’t watched the movie, DON’T WATCH THIS!!  Watch the movie first.  But if you’ve seen it, it’s a nice little recap.  And you get to hear the song.  I like what it says, we’re all complete.  Not YOU COMPLETE ME.  But we are all complete in each other’s eyes.  Especially the eyes of those we love.

Watching this movie again after so many years of experiences…I have a new perspective.  And it’s just as wonderful as my perspective when I saw it the first time.  It’s one of hope.  With a lifetime of education.  It’s waking up not knowing every day, but working with what I’ve got, flying, Like Diane, into the future, with people around and behind me, each a Lloyd Dobler, who is turning it UP past the red line.  We all are each of the characters, looking up, in anticipation, waiting for it, waiting for it…



Hello AGAIN and Happy Friday the 13th!!

Today is the day to share some amazing news that the Traveling Psychic Supper Club has been working on for the past year.

I guess the best place to start is kind of what is the beginning.  I hope you’ll stay with me…and if you Started with me, I hope you’ll add anything I’ve forgotten!

It all kind of started with this Event, which brings me full circle today – This was my first event with the Driskill hotel, which I had always seen as a PINNACLE.  I wanted to do something there, but wasn’t sure if I should, like it was too soon after starting the supper club which had just begun in July.  But Lacey was there and said, why not?  WHY NOT THIS YEAR?

So I went with it.

Then I went to a marketing/PR meeting because I kinda suck at that stuff – where I met Dave Mazner of here in Austin, I told him what I did and he told me to contact  that they would love what I do and be into the Supper Club.  I did the next day and Michael Graupmann wrote this amazing article.  Which would be instrumental in my/our future and I didn’t even know it.   The Driskill dinners were a huge success and I now work closely with the Driskill on public and private dinners.  I’m having one tonight, in fact!  What better night than Friday the 13th?

So  around Thanksgiving I wrote this:

This is how fast things happen if you let them.

I wrote that post on November 24, 2012.

On December 5, 2012 I got a phone call from a director named David Sauvage .  He had been commissioned to create a pitch about a show about psychics and food by a major Cable Network.  This is David.  He’s awesome!

David and his Production Partner Andrew Bly flew out to meet us for a dinner.  It was at the Driskill.  It was amazing.  David and Andrew were both “one of us”.  Some stuff happened, then we had a tiny setback that wasn’t a setback at all, just a blip and we moved forward.  Someone amazing stepped forward and we were back on track.  We made a plan to start the ball rolling on a production reel and they came out and filmed it in April.  I wrote about it here:

Then they left, we kept in touch, some stuff happened, Summer happened. The footage was edited and shown to some people – but a lot of them didn’t get it.  So we kept working (David, Andrew and their guys – they kept working.)  We kept having dinners, doing readings, swimming, enjoying our kids/families/LIFE and this amazing wonderful summer of 2013.

Somewhere in there, I got a radio show with an AMAZING online Paranormal Radio community called  Thank you very much to very talented astrologer and Supper Club member Donna Woodwell for making that connection!

During this time, I was still talking to David, and our conversations became much more frequent.  We ended up collaborating on a regular basis, he would say this is what I have – this is where we are, and we would talk and I would channel and we would decifer the information that came in.  And we would go in the direction we were led.  And a very clear direction emerged.  The individual with the right energy emerged so we moved towards that.

Then Susan, Lacey and I went to Boston.  I wrote about that here:

We did a radio show from there which was fun.  You can listen to that here:

Our trip to Boston really created a whole new level of energy, even though it involved only Lacey, Susan and myself, it solidified something for all of us.  It was a tipping point and the GAME WAS ON.  By going to Boston, we had, as David says, Put our stake in the ground.

While we were in Boston I had lots of phone calls with David, conversations with Kelly, Lacey and Susan.  Kirby pretty much chills and we fill him in later.  That’s just how Kirby rolls.  He grounds us.  He’s rad.

We were getting offers to partner from some different production companies but the fits weren’t there.  None of they were who I had seen.  I held off on dropping the hammer, and David agreed.  This partnership has been amazing, and correct.  BUT We weren’t there yet.  And these were amazing companies, each and every one.  But it wasn’t right yet.  The correct Tetris blocks hadn’t fallen yet.  The right block would fall right from the top, didn’t need to be twisted or turned, and it would be perfect.

Then it fell.  The right person got it.  And not just got it, but GOT IT.  The right block appeared and fell into place.

So if you’ve stuck with me this far here is the announcement:

I am proud to announce that the Traveling Psychic Supper Club is partnering with the Weinstein Company to create our TV Show.   Some stuff needs to happen between now and then, but it will, and I’ll be heading to New York to pitch the show to networks alongside my Director, Collaborator and Friend, David Sauvage and Harvey Weinstein, who I have yet to meet, but am already excited to connect to this amazing ball of energy.  Things are coming together, and we are here to do the work.  I hope you’ll visit back to see the progress on the project, which I am excited to now openly share.  There is so much energy behind this, and I appreciate the energy that the group, David and Andrew and everyone associated with them – Josh, Alexi, my Hernandez family that I come from, my immediate family – Jim, Pic and Elena, my TPSC Family here in Austin, my extended family at Paramania Radio, and my psychic family that is only growing all over the country.  Everyone who has worked with us on this side, AND the other, Adam and Paige – Love to all you guys.   This is only growing and getting better.

There is work to be done.  I’m here to make things happen, and I don’t mess around.  Thank you to everyone who is behind me and the Traveling Psychic Supper Club.

Perfect timing:  3:33pm

This is how I feel right now.  Can’t Hold Us.  SO many things about this song speak to me on so many levels.  And it’s just wicked fun, when I hear it I move.  My city’s behind me.  And anyone who knows me knows I’m like when you give a little speed to a Great White Shark on Shark Week.  Macklemore’s flag says The Heist.  Mine’s just got an EYE.

Thanks everybody and have an amazing weekend.  Love to you all, Love from Texas

Today is a melancholy day.  Kids back in school, mixed feelings.  Pictures taken.  Started great, watched my sophomore walk off to the bus stop with her best friend, curls bobbing as she got smaller.  Drove the other to Middle School with Beastie Boys on the stere-O, Kisses goodbye.  Now I have the house to myself again, and hours of silence and peace and quiet, except for the occasional chicken cackle from out back or the new budgie chirping from up front.  Or phone call.  And all these emails to answer.

Still moving forward on that little idea, that little flag that was raised, which is snowballing into its own wonderful entity…

THE PROJECT we call it.  For now.

So with phone calls made for the day, emails sent, I finally get to sit down and write on the blog again.  And having come through all different kinds of emotions today I’m settling on words that I guess are a poem, constructed from a few of todays experiences.  If you like this, great.  If not, I’m not going to apologize.  It’s where I am, right now.

Where are you?

Walking back through the doors of the haunted house, I get a glimpse of who I am.  In my space which I have created, alone again.  Not bad alone, not good alone, indifferent, sloshing from light to dark and back again.  Swirling on the tilt a whirl.

Darkness on my right shoulder is mirrored by the angel on my left.  The constant tornado of light that pounds into my head from above, directly behind my left eye, is now joined by the new spike hammered in through my left temple.  A steel hammer on a steel spike, tink, tink, tink.  Not nearly as unpleasant as it sounds.

I’m done with talking, voice worn out.  Just watching and waiting, for the next piece.  I’ve extended the only hand I can.  So I’m Ophelia now.  Sinking slowly, gently smiling.  Not in water, but in blood.  As the sun warms my face, I wait.

 I’ve got my number now.

by Katie Rose Pipkin

artwork by Katie Rose Pipkin



OK, so if you follow me anywhere else, you may be kind of tired of hearing about this, but I’m trying to get the word out, not just about this event but that being psychic is fun.  Really, Really fun.  Not creepy or weird, maybe unusual, but a lot of fun too.

Flix Brewhouse is a movie theater here in Austin that does lots of fun stuff.  You can eat a tasty meal and have a beer or drink while watching a movie in comfort and style.  Last month they had a showing of Talladega Nights to celebrate Will Ferrell’s birthday, complete with birthday cake and commemorative pint glasses.  Check this out…

photo (15)

Pretty Rad.  So on the way I was thinking, since I’d just watched the Sixth Sense with my daughter, what if they did a Q&A with a psychic along with a screening of the movie for Halloween?  I told Jim and he was like, “Yea, that would be cool.”  Then we watched Talladega Nights and had a blast.

So the next day I Emailed Flix with my idea, and heard back from Merredith, the Marketing Manager – who is incredibly wonderful to work with.  By no coincidence, they were having a meeting that afternoon and she was excited to pitch it….The powers that be had the meeting and came back with this counter – how about poltergeist?


HELLS YEA!!! That was an even BETTER IDEA than Sixth Sense.  Creepier.  Scarier, OLDER and it goes without saying…


I was totally on board.  So here is the idea come to life.  This is what happens when you STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT.

If you have a crazy little idea, share it, something really cool and amazing can happen!  And if you partner with someone SUPER KICK ASS like FLIX BREWHOUSE that says, yea, I GET it and want to do it to…something like this can happen.

Get your tickets here:

click on Purchase Tickets in the top left hand corner and choose poltergeist.

Then Show up October 29 and let’s have a kick ass time.

Here it is…




First let me apologize.  I’ve been a neglectful blogger.  I’ve been wrapped up in getting a bunch of shizzle done, and like, making some serious stuff happen with the help and collaboration of my peeps at the Traveling Psychic Supper Club and our Director David Sauvage, Production Partner Andrew Bly and all the freaking amazingly positive energy in the universe and beyond.  So, I’m sorry I’ve been off the radar for a while.  Also went to Boston with Psy-Fecta, where things blew up and shit got real.  Real Deal Spirit Communication is in effect, y’all.

Within 10 minutes of being there I saw a full (what looked like real life, nothing fuzzy or misty about it – full) body apparition there.  Feel dumb even calling it an “apparition”  – it looked like a real life man.  I even asked Janice the owner if it was her husband, who was over 3 hours away so that was a NO.  This is the staircase I saw him swing around the corner and go up.

 StairsatSethpopephoto (13)

Lacey’s pendulum kicked it up into high gear.  If you look closely you can see the pendulum swinging between Susan and Lacey.

LaceyPendullumSeriously that little Mama killed it with the pendulum at the Seth Pope House.

And Susan and I were receiving information like crazy.


So much to share, I really wish I had written when we were there, and I kind of kicked myself for it.  I hate backtracking for the blog, but so much happened,  I’ll try to get to it all, having the pictures helps to go back to helps.  And for now, I’m in a rush, so there are some pics from Seth Pope, and a little teaser for the future…

something rad is about to go down here in Austin.  Click the Pic to view the original trailer from 1982.



Hey Guys,

It’s that time again, I can’t believe it’s been a week since my first show…but here it is Thursday again.  So I’m inviting you to join me again today at 5:00 PM central time – today my guest will be David Sloan, Author extraordinaire and Founder of the Key West Original Ghost Tour.  David is an authority on all things Haunted in Key West – author  of books, Haunted Key West and Ghosts of Key West – and it also looks like he’s crazy about Key Lime Pie.  Maybe he’ll share a recipe?  We’ve got lots to talk about on the show tonight – including I’m sure David’s experiences with Robert the Doll, pictured below, along with a couple of David’s books. (image of Robert borrowed from


Front Cover                      

OK so on to dead birds. I woke up this morning a little nervous, have a lot to accomplish today before the show, including working on some projects concerning my trip up to Boston next week with Psy-Fecta

– I’m one third of this wonderful group of psychics – which includes my dear friends and cohorts, also members of the Supper Club – Susan Hanson Eishhorn and Lacey Givins Morton.  we do combined readings that include Tarot, Pendullum and Automatic Writing.  If you are in the Boston area, drop me a line and come out and visit us!  We’ll be visiting the famously haunted Seth Pope House which is a bed and breakfast, Salem and all other kinds of haunted places in the area.  We’ll be doing readings and basicly having a wickedly good time.  OH, and Susan and Lacey are my guests on NEXT WEEKS SHOW – Live from Boston!  We’d love to hear from you – send your questions to or call in during the show at (919) 295-0150 to ask us about our “tools of the trade”, how we work together or anything else “psychic related”!  If you have any haunted favorite places in that area, we’d love to hear about them!

OK SO NOW on to dead birds.  Or actually one dead bird in particular.  Like I said – I woke up a little nervous today – It’s only my second show after all, and had some thoughts running through my head about what all I had to do today.  I opened my front door to feed my outside cat Whiskers, and there on the porch was a proud present – yep, a dead bird.  I thought to myself, “well, at least I’m starting my day off better than this guys – and it can’t get any worse than his did.”  Life is all a matter of perspective – and this little bird gave me an opportunity to change mine.  Thank you little bird, for that.

BTW – if you missed last weeks show it’s available here:

I want to thank everyone who called, emailed or messaged me last week before or after the show – you guys really touched my heart with all the warm wishes and encouragement.  I’m dedicating todays show to all the people that HAVE MY BACKjno matter what and showed me LOVE when I really, really needed it – I LOVE YOU GUYS and you helped me out more than you will ever know!!

3-D, HD, Jeez

I sat down to watch TV with my daughter for a few minutes and there was a commercial on for the latest BIG SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER…in 3-D, IMAX and LARGE SCREEN.

3-D, HD, super enhanced, bigger explosions, mindblowers…

What ever happened to just walking outside and having a real experience?  Nothing enhanced, just a real experience in real time.  Not a picture to be posted on Facebook, Tweet or post SOMEWHERE for someone to comment on.  Just something that can be a memory in your head, for you.  I grabbed my computer to post this because it really made me feel like, what are we missing because everything has to be bigger and crazier and MORE MORE MORE?  So I’m  writing this, without even a picture to go along with it, and I’m walking out the door.  To experience something.  In real time.

Thank you to everyone who listened yesterday to the broadcast.  If you sent me a message or note, I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  Yesterday was an amazing day, and my many thanks to Clairgirl at If you would like to be on the show, let me know.



Hello Everyone!!

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to post this – but tonight is my first Radio EVER Broadcast of…..

Traveling Psychic Supper Club – the radio show – on!!!

I would love it if you would join me in celebrating this very special event – the show starts at 5:00PM Central time and it’s a live, much larger version of the dinners I hold here in Austin.


(I write a blog about that too, although not as extensive as this one, at  The show is about anything and everything psychic – for anyone from beginner, everyday people, all the way up to professional psychics.  I’ll be discussing different topics – tonight is kind of an into – but I’ve also got a wonderful Guest – Jackie Mihalchick – AKA Clairgirl – who writes an amazing blog here: has become a friend and confidant – a fellow Clair with whom I’ve had MANY parallels – which I’m sure we’ll discuss tonight!  We will be discussing whatever comes up!  So I invite you to call in with anything you would like to share or a question you may have.  I think the show is going to be a great place to connect with old psychic friends and make new ones.

IF you are interested in being a guest please contact me via email at so we can talk – My greatest desire with this show is getting even more information out there about how REGULAR people are psychic, and that we all have these tremendous abilities within us.

I’ve already been in contact with many, many psychics, authors and overall amazing people who want to be a part of this show and I am excited to see which direction this takes me.  I know it’s a part of my path and hopefully part of yours!!  Oh yea, and that little ole TV show I mentioned a while back, wonderful things are happening with that too – so, STAY TUNED!! – but TUNE IN for sure tonight, on, and take your seat at the psychic table!

At 5:00pm central, 6:00pm eastern, CALL IN NUMBER is displayed on the screen during the show – I’d love to hear from you!  Thanks again for everything, everyone that reads this blog, leaves a comment or shares and idea – you are wonderful and important to me and I appreciate you!!

Thanks guys!!! Much Love!  Deborah

AKA @suburbanclairvoyant


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