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It’s a chilly Sunday morning, time to write.  I got texted out of bed this morning from someone asking if we had another early morning soccer game, see I told you I was suburban!  No, the game’s later, but it got me up and brought me here…my cell phone bringing me to my computer.  Technology leads the Luddite ( to more technology.  Funny how that happens….

So the incident that I’ve had in mind to share here is one that I experienced years ago, but has always stuck with me because of the intensity of the imprint.  Here’s what happened.  I was walking into my daughter’s school (she was in elementary at the time) and just as the electric doors whhhisshed open, something stopped me in mid step.  Something hit me…softly, but with a firm intensity.  I may not do a great job explaining it, but I’ll do my best.

Does anyone remember when Russian insurgents overtook a school in 2004 and held the children and teachers hostage?  They had the school on lock down for 3 horrible days they killed a lot of the hostages, many of them schoolchildren.  Here is a link:

I didn’t follow it when it was happening, but my mother did, and almost obsessed about it.  Any time we spoke during that time period, she talked about how terrifying it must be for the children inside, for their parents, and so on.  I still remember that sick feeling it gave me when she spoke of it, and how it affected her.

So that morning I was walking into my daughter’s school, and like I said, was stopped suddenly and completely.  Suddenly I FELT overwhelmed and that incident flooded all over me.  What was weird, is I just knew what it was.  I didn’t see a picture, or hear a word, I just had a feeling, and knew what it was attached to, and knew it was that Russian school incident (I would like to add that this was at least a year later, so it wasn’t “fresh” in my mind..and actually I hadn’t really thought about it since it happened). That experience I can only call an imprint.  Once it was over, I kept walking in, but was shaken, and really had no idea what the hell THAT could have been.  That’s kind of how it happens a lot of the time, I don’t know where the connection is until later, which can be frustrating.  I got the connection the next day.

My sister was in town and we were running errands.  We were in (of all place) Sears getting a new tire when my phone rang.  My friend whose daughter also went to that school was calling to tell me that the elementary school was on LOCK DOWN.  When she said those words I heard nothing else, I felt like all of the blood ran out of my body and the air was sucked out of the room.  It clicked right at that moment.  What I had felt the day before, was happening today.  The emotion was overwhelming and I started crying immediately.  It’s scary enough to hear your kid’s school is on lock down, but to have seen it the day before was almost too much.  I got more of the story once I calmed down, my friend had a daycare and watched a lot of the teacher’s kids.  One of those teachers who was inside the school called her to let her know what was going on.  No one even knew about it outside of the school yet other than the police.  The whole thing turned out to be no big deal at all, it turned out that some middle school kids had been messing around in a ditch behind the school, skipping school and making YouTube videos with fake guns, someone had seen them and called the cops.  In turn the school was locked down, for the safety of the kids inside until the police could see what was going on.

The school had never been on lock down before, and has never been since.

That experience is one of many, but one of the first I can remember being so very clear, the premonition that was so confusing, until it clicked the next day.  I think I started to really notice premonitions more after that day because that one was such a ton of bricks.  It somehow opened me up more to that specific clair.

Well, happy Sunday – hope to see you back here again.


About Me…just your typical suburban clairvoyant….

via About Me…just your typical suburban clairvoyant….

When I began doing readings for people other than just my friends and family, and I had to face it – I am reading all of the time, those people started asking me if I had a website.  Well, I’ve got too much going on to build another website, but a blog didn’t seem like nearly as much work so this is what I came up with.  In truth when people ask me if I have a website, they just want to see if I’m any good.

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So I had the thought, a light bulb went off… I’ll just blog about my own experiences, past and present and let everyone see for themselves.  So you can be the judge.  If you think I’m any good, book a reading, or a clearing, or “clairvoyant counseling” session.  Or just stop by every once in a while and see what’s going on.  If you don’t do any of those, and don’t make a connection with my work,  thank you for stopping by and good luck finding what you are looking for.  One of my philosophies is “take what applies, and leave the rest.”

I’ll post stuff on here that I find interesting, point you in the direction of others that have helped me fine tune my abilities, authors I like, and so on.  There is information everywhere, I’ll throw some of it up here now and again.  I invite you to do the same, if you see a connection between something I say and something you connect with please share it.  We are all here to help each other. I’ll start now – If you are interested in the different “Clairs”  check out the book:

DIVINE GUIDANCE: How to have a dialogue with God and the Angels

by Dr. Doreen Virtue

This book does a really good job of separating out and explaining the different “Clairs” – for some more information regarding clairvoyance, and specifically the types I’m most prone to use (but not limited to) check out my ABOUT page.  You may learn something about yourself there too.  Divine Guidance also gives tips and well, guidance on opening up your own channels.  All in all it’s a very good and interesting book.

Thank you for joining me, stop back by any time.

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