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Ok, today I am feeling frustration.

Does anyone else out there feel like they are moving in the right direction…clearing paths…making things happen and feeling pretty freakin’ awesome about it, being in the right place at the right time helping others move blocks and telling everyone what they need to hear being in the flow and all things New Agey and warm and fuzzy and and yada yada yada, then slam.


Brick Wall.  Almost dropped out of nowhere, right in your face.  WHAT A DOWNER.

That’s where I am right now.  Last week, GREAT!  Now, can’t seem to catch a break…and the most frustrating thing is this wall was of my own doing, from a simple mistake – an oversight really, that snowballed and became something else all together.  And the biggest frustration is that this one is reoccurring…

Now I’m expressing  this because life isn’t all fluffy clouds and rainbows.  At least mine isn’t.  Even when I can see the things I can, I miss the simplest things for myself  and that is downright infuriating.   To be able to see some things soooo clear  and not see other things at all.  That is how I feel today.  In fact this picture of Rainbow Brite is even pissing me off.  Oh well.  Today is a new day.  Think I’ll get outside and go build a trellis.  Thanks for reading.  Yep, clairs are just regular people too.  Hope everyone has a happy weekend…


We are Keepers…

This blog is dedicated to those who experience “psychic”, paranormal, spiritual and (OR) just plain weird phenomenon and want to understand what is happening to them or their family, children, home, etc.  I have experienced these things my entire life and for me it’s not a question of “is it real?”  For me it’s as simple as it just is.  As I’ve said before…just like the sky is blue.  Ya know?  Just is.   I don’t need to know how or why.  I’m not interested in arguing with anyone, I find it tedious and boooorrriiinnggg.  I’m not here to prove anything, just here to give some direction to anyone with questions, create a little community if possible to share information, learn something myself and the world I live in and most of all have some FUN!!  I never take myself too seriously and I believe you never stop learning.

So here’s the deal…I am a keeper, and chances are you are too.  What does that mean…?  Well a keeper is someone who watches out for someone else, and promotes the well-being of others…the saying that comes to mind is “I’m not my brother’s keeper” – but that’s not true – we’re all our brother’s keepers, in the purest sense of the word….  But it’s got another meaning too – someone who you want around.  Yesterday my son’s teacher was talking about what a great kid he is (duh!) and I said, “Yep, he’s a keeper.”  So it’s got a double meaning here.

It’s the word that kept coming to me over the last few months and I finally put it together.  It’s the word for what I do.  I want to promote well-being in others who have questions or want to share their own experiences.  Just shed a little light to let you know, hey you’re not crazy – other people experience this too…this is who I AM, who are YOU?

Yes I do readings, but also I have conversations about this stuff daily on all different levels with all kinds of people.  I receive information, and I get it to where it needs to go.  The main goal of this blog is to promote people trusting their own instincts and letting those instincts lead you to where you belong.  My bet is, if you are here reading this, that you are a keeper too.


So I’ve had orbs on my mind.

If you click on each picture, you can see it full size.  If you look closely, you can see the building in the background.  This orb of light has moved within the picture.  These shots were taken one right after the other, from basically the same spot, which you can see by the position of the tree on the right.

Last week my daughter was watching Paranormal State, and it happened to be the one from Katie’s Bar, which tickled me.  I sat down to watch it with her and was “transported” back in time…Paranormal State has “field trips” where you can go to different locations where they have filmed.  I went to the very first one, which was at Katie’s Bar on Long Island.  I have so many different stories related to that experience – don’t get too excited, not much of it has to do with the Paranormal State “gang”…for a couple of different reasons, but I won’t go into that in this post, probably later.

I used to watch Paranormal State when it first came out, it was new, different, and kind of one of the first shows that I felt wasn’t “poking the ghost”.  Like I said, when it first came out.  Well, I was watching and after the show it had an advertisement about the field trip to Katie’s .  I had my computer right there and just went and booked the trip, completely on a whim, which is really really unlike me.  I called my sister and told her we were going to Long Island.  When we were there, completely separate from the Paranormal State sanctioned activities a group of us who had been hanging out and became friends with Brian Karppinen, the owner – who is a wonderfully lovely man by the way, and his doorman, Damien – also a very sweet soul – they took us on a little field trip of our own…to the local abandoned Psychiatric Hospital, Kings Park. You can find a lot of information about Kings Park here:

Now this place is creepy as hell.  I’m not kidding.  We went out there 3 separate times – once in the evening and once in the middle of the night, around 1:00am.  We went back before we left Long Island, in the middle of the afternoon.  It didn’t matter when we went, I was ridiculously uneasy, and actually wouldn’t go up to the buildings at all, I stayed by the street the whole time.  (at the time it was abandoned, but we drove all around the grounds and it was pretty accessible, not closed off like it may be now.  There were fences around the buildings only –  A few of the people in our group did go around back, (my sister was one of them) and through a fence, but I didn’t.)

I’ve taken plenty of pictures that have dust in them, and it’s different.  Orbs have energy.  I’ve included some pics here of a tree that is on the grounds.  Specifically there are two I took one right after the other, one contains a very distinct orb, one doesn’t.  There one minute, gone the next.


So since I stayed back, I snapped photos continuously.  I was interested to see if anything showed up, especially orbs – which are little chunks of energy that show up in photos sometimes, in lots of different ways.  Streaks of light, “blobs”, the most common I’ve seen is almost like an imprint of a cell – perfectly round with a little C of light inside that is typically green.    I can’t explain it.  Here are some more, with people in them, you can see the backs of everyone’s heads in the bottom of the pics.  In the first picture there is also two smudges in this photo only, in the bottom on the left of and under the doorway.  I do want to mention that the only light there was moonlight and the flash of my camera.


Notice how many orbs are in the photos.  You can also see that they are staggered, some farther away, some closer.  In photos with dust, the particles close to the camera show up, but not ones further away.  I thought I’d put these up to show some the orbs I encountered at King’s Park.  I had other experiences at King’s Park, and on Long Island, I’ll post them in the future, but today I was thinking about orbs.  What do you think?  Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday.

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