This blog is dedicated to those who experience “psychic”, paranormal, spiritual and (OR) just plain weird phenomenon and want to understand what is happening to them or their family, children, home, etc.  I have experienced these things my entire life and for me it’s not a question of “is it real?”  For me it’s as simple as it just is.  As I’ve said before…just like the sky is blue.  Ya know?  Just is.   I don’t need to know how or why.  I’m not interested in arguing with anyone, I find it tedious and boooorrriiinnggg.  I’m not here to prove anything, just here to give some direction to anyone with questions, create a little community if possible to share information, learn something myself and the world I live in and most of all have some FUN!!  I never take myself too seriously and I believe you never stop learning.

So here’s the deal…I am a keeper, and chances are you are too.  What does that mean…?  Well a keeper is someone who watches out for someone else, and promotes the well-being of others…the saying that comes to mind is “I’m not my brother’s keeper” – but that’s not true – we’re all our brother’s keepers, in the purest sense of the word….  But it’s got another meaning too – someone who you want around.  Yesterday my son’s teacher was talking about what a great kid he is (duh!) and I said, “Yep, he’s a keeper.”  So it’s got a double meaning here.

It’s the word that kept coming to me over the last few months and I finally put it together.  It’s the word for what I do.  I want to promote well-being in others who have questions or want to share their own experiences.  Just shed a little light to let you know, hey you’re not crazy – other people experience this too…this is who I AM, who are YOU?

Yes I do readings, but also I have conversations about this stuff daily on all different levels with all kinds of people.  I receive information, and I get it to where it needs to go.  The main goal of this blog is to promote people trusting their own instincts and letting those instincts lead you to where you belong.  My bet is, if you are here reading this, that you are a keeper too.