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Feeling loved

Happy Sunday everyone!  I’ve been off (the blog, not off “work”) for just a while, feeling a little overwhelmed, but also feeling a lot loved.  I’m not overwhelmed with bad stuff  though, on the contrary, it’s GREAT!!  I’ve been busy reading, conversing and following guidance, just being a leaf on the stream, and it’s good.

Those connections I’ve talked about in the past are popping and cracking and clicking all over.  Cogs are moving.  I’m starting to see the MUCH bigger picture here and it’s too big to explain.  But I’m going to write about that in a bit, this post is about feeling loved…although that’s part of the connection too – Last week I was nominated unexpectedly for the Inspired Blogger Award by a fellow Clair – if you are interested in reading highly insightful, beautifully and straight forwardly written clairvoyant posts, check it out!  Thank you again, CG for the nod…  Here’s the award!

SO part of the responsibilities of the nomination is sharing gratitude with my nominator, sharing 7 random things about myself….and nominating 7 other blogs that inspire me.  That last one is kind of hard, because I don’t follow many blogs!  But I will follow the rules…today.  😛

7 random things you may not know about me:

I am currently putting together a garden of oversized plants so when I sit outside I can feel like Alice in Wonderland.

I never thought one way or the other about Ryan Gosling until I heard his band, Dead Man’s Bones.  Then I fell in love with his voice.  I actually wish he would stop making movies long enough to put out another album with Zach Shields.  The talkies are great, but this music is where it’s at:

I raise chickens.

I worked with world renowned skatepark designer Newline, local Skatepark builders Spa and some other local skaters to create the design for Cedar Park Skate Park in Cedar Park.   Because I’m so proud of this, I’m showing some pics:

This is the original design I came up with for the entry.  I was so happy to see that Spa had this pic on their website, I didn’t know it even existed.   I was bummed originally, since the double flip created the opportunity for advanced skaters (uh, not me) to utilize the gap, but this is how it actually was built:

Here is a pic of the whole park, the greatest contribution I think I lended is that I pushed for this park to be 3 dimensional around the sides, like a huge flow bowl that could be used all as one, which rarely happens unless you are the only one there, or kids can hit different spots if it’s busy.  Originally Newline brought this park to us as a straight style Plaza – no elevated sides, just flat.  since I worked at the skate shop I had tons of the younger skater input and knew many of the kids would not want a flat park.  I lobbied for it pretty hard, and so did the other skaters that worked on it.  Newline heard us, and worked with us to give us a phenomenal park that people come from all around to skate.  Other than the obvious things in my life, this is one of my proudest accomplishments as well as another small park in Leander – that was the first park I worked on.  Ironically after working on the parks, I stopped skateboarding nearly as much.  But this is one of the connections I’m always talking about.  The Parks director at Leander (I’ve since joined the advisory board) told me that park probably would never have gotten built without my constant cheerleading and positive attitude.  I feel so grateful to have been a part of both of these projects, and feel an overwhelming sense of pride when I go and see kids using the parks.

I’ve got a dual personality.  One one side, my spiritual side, I can see the best in a person, and be inspired and uplifted by it.  On the other side, I guess my human side, most people piss me off.  My husband told me years ago that I should just move to the hills and buy a shotgun.  That pretty much sums it up.

I don’t own a gun, but I know how to use one and my aim is pretty accurate.

And last but not least, I got kicked out of a soccer game today for yelling at the ref too much.  Only I missed the ref telling me so I didn’t even know it until another parent told me after the game.

Ok, that’s my 7 random things.  It was kind of long, but it is what it is.  Here are my 7 nominees – and they are all kind of all over the place, but well, you know.  BTW these are in no particular order – I encourage you to check them out, and if you like something, let them know, and let me know – let’s keep that connection going…..

Hope everyone has a great week – stay connected and be happy!  Thank you again Clairvoyant Girl for the nomination, much love!



Ok, so it’s been a while since I posted, things are whirling around right now, but I’ve had a lot to write about, just not the time, so my apologies for that.  Too often I feel  I need just the right amount of time, just the right temperature coffee, blah blah blah, all crap.  I just need to get this stuff out whenever I can, so right now I have a bit of time so what’s on my mind right now is CONNECTIONS.  And the fact that there are all kinds.

Some Are easy.  Image




Not so much.

I’ve had some amazing experiences lately that keep reminding me that we are all connected.  All part of something bigger.  I’ve had conversations with friends that contain pieces of information that are relevant for clients.  Information I receive in pictures or as a single word lately spins itself into dual readings, relevant for both receivers, in completely different polar opposite ways, and I can see each one and LITERALLY rejoice in both.  Amazingly experiences from my past are shockingly/comfortingly relevant to someone else’s future.  Last week I was on a call regarding an upcoming reading while at the same time receiving texted information from a friend, that once received – after the conversation of course- totally 100 percent validated the conversation I was having the instant the text was sent.  And it had nothing to do with the call.  AT ALL.  The thing is – and this is the connection, at least for me. These two people don’t know each other.  They have nothing in common that I know of, except FOR me.  I’m the connector.  The words of one have no relevance whatsoever…except TO me.  It comes to me and I decipher it and THAT makes the connection.  BOOM!  CO-incidences.  I FREAKING LOVE CO-incidences.  Synchronicity shows me things are right.  It’s energizing and electric and cozy and comforting all at the same time. 

Re-reading this I see that it makes me sound like I’m trying to say I’M SPECIAL because I’m the connector, but the thing is, I’m NOT.  What I’m saying is SO much bigger than that!  I’m saying, WE’RE ALL SPECIAL – WE’RE ALL CONNECTED.  MAKE THOSE CONNECTIONS – BE SOMEONE’S CONNECTOR – PAY ATTENTION and put the information where it needs to go.  When you can see the connections you are making for other people, when you are playing your KEEPER card you are moving not only yourself forward, but ALL of us, because we are ALL connected.  And knowing it and seeing it are  …amazing.  

Are you seeing connections?  Making connections?  The more you do it, the easier it gets.  Things you used to miss become connections, become like simple kindergarten connect the dots.  I’d love to hear about them…and thanks for reading today…

Being clairvoyant, psychic, a medium, a SEER, whatever you want to call it isn’t all sunny skies and correct paths…Sometimes it’s seeing the wrong path, and knowing the person is about to set foot right on it.


Sometimes it’s seeing two paths, and knowing the person you are talking to is dead set on taking the negative one, and not being able to do a damn thing about it.  This happened to me a while back, I could see the outcome so clearly, was VOICING what I was seeing, and from the responses I was getting, knew the outcome.  Destruction.  Devastation.  Pain.  That is what’s on my mind today…


I knew a woman who was in the midst of seeing her divorce finalized.  She was ALMOST done.  During this time, she had been seeing someone outside of her marriage.  Let me first say I don’t agree with this and always advise against it.  For so many reasons, some the obvious, some not so obvious.  Let me just say, moving from one person to the next before settling your “issues” with the first person is nothing but transferring problems from one relationship to the next, and setting the future relationship up for failure.  IF YOU ARE DOING THIS RIGHT NOW PLEASE HEAR ME AND TAKE MY WORDS TO HEART.  I FEEL VERY STRONGLY THAT THIS POST IS FOR SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR, IF THIS IS YOU – LISTEN UP!!  A rare few people can do it, but most can’t.  If this post is for you and you know it, YOU CAN’T.


Her illusive and deflective responses told me everything I needed to know to see the path she had chosen.  I told her so.  She ignored me.

I will not elaborate on what the outcome was, but you don’t need to be psychic to figure it out.

My point is this:  I can see and I can tell people what I see, and I can see their outcome.  In that way, I can see the future.  I can TELL you your future and your outcome.  YOU HAVE THE FREE WILL TO CHANGE IT AT ANY TIME.  Sometimes people’s convictions are so strong in what they are doing that they have already set their own future.  So in turn, that is what I see.  But, and again, I feel this is for SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR…YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE THE DIRECTION AND AVOID THE DISASTER.  YOU CAN EXAMINE THE SITUATION AND CHANGE IT.  This is what I feel someone needs to hear today.

As always, thanks for reading, and if this is for you, HEAR ME.




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