Hey Guys,

Just wanted to share some JOY – as an update to yesterday – I received phone calls back from both restaurants last night, and spoke with both this morning.  My second location came through, so it’s a go, and is as he said “on the calendar” – THE perfect words I so needed to hear.

The original locations rep and I had a lovely conversation and established a relationship and look forward to working together in the future.  We jointly understood this is just not the right time for us to work together, and are both OK with that.  They are working on opening a new location so are busy with that.  I am accepting of that and wished them well.

So, what I want to say is at first when this was all going south I started to go into poor me mode,why aren’t they calling me back, getting cranky and frustrated.  But deciding to come out of the nosedive and be proactive yielded great results.  Thanks to everyone for liking the post, or reblogging or commenting.  You guys help me make this blog what it is and your support is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!  I wish a joyful day to you all!