So I’ve figured it out.  As Adam Yauch got older, he started to remind me of someone and I couldn’t ever put my finger on it.  But then I was watching the Charlie Rose interview tonight and he turned a certain way, and it hit me – Mr. Rogers.  Here’s the younger versions of both:






Now I’m not saying they look alike or anything, but there’s something there.  Now here they are older:

AGAIN, they DON’T look alike, but I think it’s the gentleness, a caring, the openness and thoughtfulness that shines through. That’s what I see. From Fred Rogers (who I’ve always deeply adored) it was his wholehearted passion and caring towards children.  With Yauch it was the expression of self that comes through the music that to me is timeless.  And in later years the maturity and evolution that came with his work to free Tibet.   If I could put my finger on it, I think that’s what it would be.  When I saw that one little motion that made it click – Mr. Rogers!!  I felt a feeling of peace and joy.  I felt not so mad about the loss of such an oddly integral part of my life – even be it through music.  I felt a little less mad, and a little more hopeful.  I felt giddy at even the IDEA of a Yauch/Rogers collaboration, if that’s going on somewhere, out there then HELL’S YEAH, I’m on board with THAT – I mean, who wouldn’t be?