Connections are on my mind today, as I guess they are every other day as well, but today I’m reminded of the planets spinning, and how we are pulled into each other’s orbits, like planets.

I’ve got a theory that people are like planets –  some draw to each other gently, to slowly revolve around each other, in steady patterns, to remain in each other’s orbits, slowly rolling along.  These are our long term relationships – parents, siblings, life long friends.  Not that these relationships or “rotations” can’t be rocky – some are smooth, some are riddled with meteor showers and debris.

Then there’s other planets that gravitate towards each other with a vengeance, spin wildly together for just a minute, then as if suddenly repelled as quickly as they were linked divide and spin back out into the universe.  Those are the most fun, but can create the most havoc.  Here today, gone in a flash…  Why is that?

Doing what I do, I encounter a lot of the latter.  People come into my energy, pulled in or thrown in, not sure which or by what, but that seems to be the case a lot of the time.  I’ve learned I can’t control it, and know not to even try.  It can be depressing sometimes, to be on the ride from one day to the next, not sure if it’s the teacups (which I dually note while typing can spin quite out of control) or a rollercoaster with twists and drops.  Or to be just getting into it, settling in, enjoying the view and the bottom drops out.   Sometimes I long for a simple pony ride..but when I get it I immediately ask, “where’s the bucking bronco?”

Rereading this I see I’ve kind of switched topics, from rotating planets to amusement park rides and rodeos, but in actuality it’s all the same.  The gently rotating planets sustain us, the lazy rides are nice, but down deep where the fire is it’s the rollercoasters and bucking broncos that FEED us, or me at least.  I need that, crave it.  So I guess the point of all of this is – when the wild eyed horse suddenly stops bucking, or the ride ends too soon, I’m left saying, HEY, I’m not done yet!  It can’t be over yet!  This was just getting goood.  Especially when I can see what’s ahead, can see that within two more leaps that animal and I could be in unison, moving as one.  But sometimes that distracting patch of grass looks too tasty, or that wild thing just isn’t ready for that fluid movement…although, ironically enough the new fluid movement is an extension of, an EXPANSION of the original movement…maybe the next time, or the time after that.  I’ve got to accept that, and let it go.  And know that there are other horses, and other tickets to be handed over for other rides…somewhere in the future.  And that feeds me too.