Time for another Dinner, this time in Dallas.

You are invited if you:

Always had….something, but don’t  really know what “it” is or how to develop it

Had abilities as a child, but have lost them as an adult and would like to get them back

Always wanted to visit a psychic, but felt silly, unsure or afraid

Are just curious about what it really means to be psychic

Want to meet and talk with others to better understand and enhance your own sensibilities

The TPSC is an open group that meets at different restaurants to share a meal and discuss all things Psychic without having to preface every sentence with, “this may sound crazy” or “don’t think I’m weird, but…”.  This is a group where you can be your self and everyone is welcome to attend.  Each event has a different topic of discussion and all are encouraged to participate at his or her own comfort level.  Attendance numbers are kept small so everyone has a chance to join the discussion.

Reservations are $10 per person.  (Does not include drinks or cost of meal)

Reservations are required to assure a seat, space is limited

TPSC – Cheaper than Dinner and a Movie and MUCH, MUCH more interesting.