I’ve made some references to Alice in Wonderland here on the blog, and yesterday, after a few days of contemplation the words were shown to me in a book, plain on the page:  Alice in Wonderland.  As books usually do for me, validating the thoughts that are in my head (in typing head, my hands moved to type the word heart, so yes, in my heart as well).  Time to write about Alice and my life between worlds.

Like Alice, I move between worlds.  But the difficulty for me is being in this world, not the other one.  This side is the one where I feel dizzy, or uncomfortable, frustrated and annoyed.  When I’m connected to the “other side” I feel cozy and at ease, that I belong, in complete synchronicity with what’s around me.  Here I feel fear, disconnect, worried and tired.  Human, I guess.  There I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, warm wanted and loved.  Here is where there are tiny potions to drink, bite sized cakes to eat.


  There I’m in the flow, connected and understanding.  Here is where the disconnect happens, and I’m never the right size.

My question is, how can I spend more time there?  Here are some of the answers I’ve come up with that work for me.

Be around like-minded people.  Being around others with the same “gifts” as me, and some with “peripheral” type gifts – example:  I don’t see dead people or read auras.  But a couple of my friends do.  I am interested in this and learning from them about something I know only a little about.  I am always interested to learn how others “connect” to their own gifts.  See the post: https://ifyoucouldseewhatihear.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/calling-all-clairs-whats-your-psychic-combo-meal/

Read.  Read. Read.  I want to spend MORE time reading.  This is where my gifts shine.  Being in the flow with a client, friend, or even stranger puts me where I belong.  Serving my life’s purpose.

Be open all the time.  Being closed is useless.  When I say be open I don’t necessarily mean soak everything in like a sponge (this can be so draining, and who knows what you end up soaking up!) but be available to receive information as it comes.  Try it on, does it fit?  If not, leave it behind.

Take what applies and leave the rest.  I learned this a long time ago and it’s something I live by.  Not all things are for me, and I’m ok with that.

Move in the direction I am led.  Here’s an example:  I’ve been shown over and over again through reading, conversations, people I’ve recently met to be more open to my relationship with nature – by taking the steps to learn things I don’t already know, and polishing up on and extending the knowledge I already have.

Discard that which does not serve my life’s purpose.  Relationships, situations, conversations and even individuals that go against the grain of who I am are like a splinter.  Best to be removed before causing additional and repeated pain, which if left unchecked will lead to an infection.

I’ve always thought of the places I feel most comfortable as the in between places, in fact, that’s what I called it in my head when I was a kid.  One of my favorite things growing up was the bathroom mirror.  Not looking into it directly, but we had a medicine cabinet with a mirror on it that when opened just enough that it faced the big wall mirror would create this peculiar tunnel effect.  I would sit and stare at that tunnel for hours, it was my in between place.  I’ve recently been reading a book about Celtic Shamanism and saw these words there as well – it actually refers to these places as betwixed and between – the places where the veil is thin, where we can move between our world and the other.  This definitely spoke to me on a deep deep level.  Other places like these include times like dusk and dawn, when the world is moving from dark to light, or vice versa… Twilight has always been a favorite time of day for me, although also melancholy, a time for reflection.  3:00 AM ( I usually wake up every night between 3:15 and 3:33am).  Relevant times for me are 11:11, 3:33, 12:34 and 5:55.

 I feel much more alive outdoors than I do in, and enjoy being alone in nature, where I am able to rejuvenate my spirit and slow down and notice the things around me.  I feel very connected there, and prefer to schedule readings outdoors if the weather permits.  Along that same line, I remember the name of plants without even thinking, while names of people most times escape me.



I know this post is a little disconnected, which is probably relevant to how I am feeling today.  Just wanted to get something down on the page.  Sometimes I wish I could just watch TV and feel connected to whatever sitcom is on, read US magazine, want nothing more than the new coach purse, or latest status symbol, or care about the Kardashians.  But I don’t.  And actually I don’t want any of those things at all, but sometimes I just wish I could feel a little bit more…human.  Like Alice.


(Illustrations above are original artwork by John Tenniel from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll)