Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Kat Edmonson play a taping of Austin City Limits.  If you don’t know this artist, it was my first time hearing her music ever, and what a wonderful way to see, hear and experience her.  She’s a tiny little thing with a voice reminiscent of an older time, with sorrow and joy, hollow and full mixed in her sound all at once.  She played this song twice last night, being a tv taping  I guess something wasn’t quite right the first time, but actually the first rendition touched me deeply and moved me to tears.  Wanted to share it here.  Warning:  It’s slow and simple.  You’ll actually have to take a minute to listen, but slow down and hear the message…what else do you have to do anyway…life is just a dream…take some time out to enjoy.

We walked out into a rainy, yet uplifting night.  It kind of went along with the whole feeling of the show and of the night.  Thank you ACL and Kat Edmonson for a lovely evening.