Hello All, I hope that everyone is having a wonderful saturday.  I’m going to get right to it.  I just finished reading an AMAZING book, which is part of my journey, and now is part of yours.  I want to bring you to the place I am now, starting as close as I can from the beginning.

I started writing then erased everything I had down.  The beginning is too far back, so I’ll start again.

A few years ago I was at half price books, one of my favorite bookstores, and a book caught my attention – The Celestine Prophecy.  You can see an interesting article on the basis of the book here:http://deoxy.org/9insight.htm – written by James Redfield, the author.

I didn’t know anything about it, but bought it and put it on the shelf.  For about 3 years.  One day it caught my attention, and I pulled it down and read it.  It was incredible, but touched on some things it was hard for me to get my head around, but I read on.  I would like to say this is a novel, but if you can see the ideas that are presented throughout it, that’s really the point, to “read between the lines”.  It was very much in line with another book I study, which has become an amazing part of my life, A Course in Miracles

ACIM is a phenomenal book which I attended a study group for “religiously” for a while, even though the book has nothing to do with religion.  It’s simply about LOVE and FEAR and Illusion.  If  you read this blog, you probably know of it.  If not, you should definitely check it out.  A study group is a great way to get your head around it.  Actually, if you are located in far north Austin, all the way up to Liberty Hill I’m starting a group here, please contact me.  I invite you to join it.   Or I invite you to attend the next Traveling Psychic Supper Club event.  Or just keep reading the blog.

Also, ACIM isn’t just a book, it’s more like a way of life.  For me at least.  Some people find it too difficult to understand, or dislike or even hate it because it’s outside of a certain realm of thought.  As for me, it answered so many questions I had and helped me to understand my own purpose, outside of the “human” way of thinking, which is go to work, make money, have things.  None of that has ever spoken to me, and ACIM helped me to understand why.

So because I had knowledge of ACIM I was able to grasp the underlying story of  Celestine Prophecy.  I got it, and it was good.  It enhanced my desire for spiritual growth, and was a pretty good story to boot.  But most importantly, I think it planted a seed in my mind that would allow me to be open to the NEXT story I needed to read, it prepped me by opening my mind a bit more.

Then another day recently I was at Half Price again, to get my daughter’s copy of Lord of the Flies – required summer reading…yuck.  I hit the metaphysical section as always, nothing really jumped out at me, then I saw a huge clearance section in the back, so I went to look around.  As I was in the back, and I hadn’t been in the store more than 30 minutes, a MASSIVE clap of thunder startled me.  I turned around and saw it was POURING outside.  Torrentially.  I wasn’t going anywhere for a while.  So I went back over to the metaphysics section and sat down to have a look at the books I had picked up.  When I was sitting on the floor something told me to look up.  I looked up at a book that caught my eye, so I stood up to check it out.  After I had a look, I sat down on the floor again, in the spot right under the book I had been drawn to.  Then my eyes settled on ANOTHER book named The Barn Dance.  I picked it up and had a look.  The copy I picked up was signed.  There were three copies, they were all signed.  I thought that was weird, they were all gifts to three different people, from 3 different people.  So I picked up the book next to them, also by James F. Twyman to see if it was signed as well.  It wasn’t, but this was the book I was meant to find.  After all of that.  The storm that kept me there.  Seeing the other book, then sitting down underneath it, so I would see the other original book that drew my attention.  This is how it happens.  This is how I found what I was looking for.  And I wasn’t even looking for it at all, I had already decided on my purchases for that day.  I wasn’t looking for it.  It was looking for me.  The book is called EMISSARY OF LIGHT.

And if you are reading this, it is looking for you too.  In fact on the back cover a quote by the writer of CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD actually says that – “Your Soul has placed your hands upon this book”   It doesn’t get much clearer than thatFind it and read it as soon as you can.  This book is written as a novel as well, but if you get the newer (10th anniversary edition) version it has a forward written by the author about why it was written as a novel, but it’s based on his own actual experience.

I am an EMISSARY, although I’ve always considered myself more of a TRANSMITTER – of ideas, of information, helping connect people who are meant to be connected.  And I’ve also talked before about being a KEEPER.  Not because I’m important or special, but because it’s what I am  supposed to do.  I accept it and I do it.  So now I hope you will accept the idea that I present to you as well.  You are an EMISSARY.  BE an EMISSARY.  Pass this on to as many as you can, they are EMISSARIES too.  If you are a blogger, please reblog.  If you are simply a reader, please accept my invitation to join us and accept then pass on what is simply…peace.  This is the real way things are meant to be.  I am not asking to reblog to up my stats – I’m not interested in that – but to get this information out there – so others can wake up and live in LOVE, and step away from FEAR.  I am not here to impress you with ME, I am here to impress you with YOU.  You are an EMISSARY.  BE AN EMISSARY.  Take this next step into your souls evolution, it is not only your evolution, but an evolution that involves us all.  If you do accept this invitation, I would love to hear back from you on your thoughts and feelings about this book.  Not for me, but for others.  Thank you for being a part of my journey, and for allowing me to be a part of yours.  NAMASTE.

Here are some links to the author’s pages, or pages dedicated to the ideas from the books.