I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I haven’t been as true to the original purpose of the blog as possible, meaning I’ve been writing about life stuff, as it occurs, but haven’t been sharing as many “psychic” or clairvoyant experiences as I’d planned when I first started.  Here’s one that shows that when I receive information, it’s for someone else, not for me.  In most cases it doesn’t make sense to me, it’s just something to be relayed.  But sometimes what seems to be the most menial detail will “slap” the receiver in the face!

I was attending a seminar that was about connecting with your intuition.  I was with friends and I was pretty much in line with what the teacher was presenting.  Now I’ll take a second to say this – as a medium I think it’s important to keep “honing my skills” and learning from others, and in turn sharing information – that’s one of the main reasons for the dinners I’ve started hosting.  Too often I’ve had the experience that the person leading a seminar or class sees themselves as this great spiritual leader who is apart from the people that they are there to teach.  I don’t subscribe to this way of thinking.  I truly believe we are all students, and all teachers.  I think in coming together, we strengthen and teach each other, and that’s what we are supposed to be doing!

OK, so back to the story – there were many different types of people at the seminar, each with their own gifts that they were there to work on.  One woman caught my attention – she was very angry and spoke very poorly about her mother, who had passed and apparently had slighted her, not only in her will, but also throughout her life.  She spoke over and over of her psychic (this lady was what I call a psychic addict – she spent all of her energy and money on seeing psychics, wanting answers from everywhere else, not wanting to look inside.)  I tried not to listen to anything she said because her energy was so low and off-putting.

We were about midway into a midafternoon lecture on a topic that really wasn’t holding my attention, so I started to zone out a bit, just staring at the floor.  All of a sudden a ridiculous wave of sorrow came over me and I started crying – out of nowhere.  It really was like a wave that overtook me, but I knew the emotions I was feeling weren’t my own.  I began receiving information – and I can’t even explain how – just one minute I knew everything all at once.  I knew I had to talk to this woman who I had been avoiding the whole time – great.  I raised my hand and asked the teacher to speak to him quickly.   I asked if we could take a break, that I needed to speak to this woman and couldn’t go on with the seminar until I did.  Well, he was irritated by that, but allowed the break.

I approached the woman and asked if I could speak to her out in the hall.  We sat down and since I’d never really told anyone I had a message for them, I did the best I could.  I told her I had a message, and I thought it was from her mother.  She didn’t seem super excited about this, but was willing to at least listen.  I knew her mother wanted me to take her hand so I told her, “she wants me to hold your hand” so she held out her left hand.  Not even understanding why I dismissed it and said, “No, your right one.”  Well that was it.  She grabbed her hand away from me as if I had burned her and said, “HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT!!”

I was like, uh, know what?

She told me that when her psychic reads her she always held her right hand.  Her mother thought all of her spiritual seekings were a bunch of hooey, and apparently especially that – about having to hold the right hand specifically.  That got her going.  That was the key she needed to open up and hear what I (her mother) had to say.  I won’t go too much into the message except for this – the mother wanted her to understand that in spending time on the other side, and reviewing her life, she was so full of remorse for the pain she had caused her daughter, and she was able to see the beautiful relationship that could have been had she not been so petty and spiteful.  The tears I had had earlier in the day were of remorse, shed for the joy that could have been.  The mother daughter relationship that was cast aside.  It really was a feeling of hollow sorrow, and an honest feeling of repentfulness.  That’s the only way I can explain it.

After we spoke the woman kept cornering me trying to explain to me why she hated her mother so much, she was trying to make me understand.  But it wasn’t for me to understand or to make sense of.  I only had information to relay to her, information I wasn’t attached to.  I was outside of it.  She kept trying and trying to make me understand.  I don’t know what she took from that day, I do truly hope it was a starting point for healing to occur.  But I don’t know, I was only there as a channel for information.  I didn’t need to know.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has had an experience like this?  I would like for this blog to be a place for people to come to connect with others through experiences, so I ask you to please share, so others can gain some insight and learn about themselves.  Thank you for reading, and have an amazing day!