I just reblogged a great post from a fellow clair – Clairvoyant Girl about a lion dream she had.  It hit home with me because it talks about the lion, although capable of roaring, sometimes is able to accomplish the same outcome through silence.  You can read the whole post below – I wanted to combine them, but I’m not good at that stuff yet, and I wanted there to be a direct link to her page, it’s well worth reading, especially for me, because a lot times we blog about very similar things – although completely without knowing it.  We are kind of on similar paths, I think.  I always enjoy reading her thoughts.

SO what do lions have to do with little red cars?  I’m a lion – or a Leo – having the honor of being born in August.  And I’m REALLY a Leo.  Like, TEXTBOOK Leo.  So some would say Bossy, Pushy, Self Important, Outspoken.  And sure I can be all of those things.  But the Lion is also in charge of keeping everything in line, making sure everyone is doing what needs to be done, and roars when necessary.  But also as ClairGirl says, “One thing I was reminded in my dream about power is that power does not have to be forced, or aggressive, what benefits us now is a silent power. One that you obtain from within. It is not about forcing your message on others or ramming your beliefs down someone’s throat. It is about believing in Your self and holding your space, think of the beautiful lion.”

Well said.

My husband’s car went out a couple of months ago and I’ve been driving him back and forth to work.  I’ve done it before when we’ve only had one car, and it gets tiring.  In the past I would have taken charge, and pushed and pushed and made the car thing happen – and that way includes a lot of frustration and irritation.  But this time, I sat back.  I let him take care of it, and just drove him back and forth.  I didn’t feel like pushing, and since it was his car, I figured it was for him to work out.  He was looking for a certain car, but it just wasn’t in the budget (we traded my car in March, so we already picked up a car payment.  Now we were about to pick up another one, after years of not having a car payment at all.).  Well we came across a little Honda Fit, which wasn’t the car he was looking for, but a really great deal, with REALLY good gas mileage.  I’ve always loved those little cars, and really liked this one, but I told him it was up to him.  I was hands off.  And you know what, it felt great.  It felt right to give the power over and just be the passenger.  Just along for the ride (and to sign the paperwork).  So the lion sat back and stayed silent.  And the lion liked it.  So that’s the link between lions and little red cars.  Hope everyone is having a happy Saturday.  And thanks again to ClairGirl for the great inspiration.  I do have some things to write about regarding last nights dinner, but that’s going to have to wait.