Ok, I want to go back to the topic of recognizing YOUR own abilities.  When I write, it’s with the intention of creating connections for you, my readers.  So when I talk about my own abilities it’s not because I want you to see what I can do.  It’s so you can see what YOU can do.  I’m not here to impress you with me.  I’m here to impress you with YOU.

So the topic for today is Precog.  Here is Webster’s Online definition:

Adj. 1. precognitiveforeseeing the future

And here’s the definition for Premonition – Interesting note that the first definition contains the word “evil”.  I’ve never had an “evil” premonition.  Ever.  The second definition is however, relevant and correct.

Noun 1. premonitiona feeling of evil to come; “a steadily escalating sense of foreboding“; “the lawyer had a presentiment that the judge would dismiss the case

2. premonitionan early warning about a future event

Synonyms: forewarning

As ya’ll know, I read a lot.  Actually, I see myself moving into a role of a researcher.  I’m gathering information to present here for others to create clicks.  For me, clicks are those moments where something shifts then fits together and you get it, it clicks.  I talk about keys a lot.  Keys create the click, start the tumblers going.  Books lately have been my keys.  One, because of the information they hold, but also as I read, I receive information, the reading itself is like a channel.  The best way I can say this is while my mind is busy reading and receiving information that has been “placed” in front of me, it allows another part of my mind to widen to receive through what I can only imagine is the subconscious.  So my mind is working parrallel-ly.  (yes, a made up word) This also has happened with repetitive type of music.  And chores.  One of my “hottest” spots for receiving information is the spot in my kitchen right by the sink and the dishwasher.  One: it’s near water – a well know “conductor”.  Two: it’s where I do a repetitive action, washing or drying dishes.  Interestingly enough, I receive things differently in this spot than I do while reading.  By the sink most of what I receive  is audible – again, I receive from behind my right ear, and visually.  I’ll receive what I call “visual stamps” simple snapshots to be tucked away for later.  So moving into the title of the post – much of what I receive is that: precognative.

So when I am reading, and the book I’m reading right now is ABOUT premonitions – It’s called The Power of Premonitions – how knowing the future can shape our lives – by Larry Dossey, M. D.   – this book is pretty clinical in a lot of it’s writing and contains a lot of research work and studys done regarding parapsychology.  But it’s given ME some keys – for myself.   It helped me make the connection that how I receive is called Precognative.  I knew that, but it reminded me.  As I’m reading, I’m taking in the subject on the page, but my mind is also putting together what is ahead  of what I am currently reading on the page.  I have started to notice this as I continue to use books as a vehicle to receive information so it’s kind of like 3 channels are actually open at once.  I’m not doing a very good job of explaining this, so I’ll leave it alone for now.

Anyway, the book also goes into Precognative Telepathy – which is receiving information from another individual – mind to mind.  I know this post is long, but please stick with me here.  When I read – not books, but Readings – a session with a client – I have already received the information we are going to discuss – from them, prior to our meeting.  I get it, and just kind of store it, because I’ve learned that I’ll need it later.  Then during the session, my client will give me the go ahead – using the key words I look for in conversation that we are ready to “go there”.   EVERY time what they have sent me prior – telepathically – is what we are really there to discuss, usually VERY different than the reason they think they have booked a session.  But that’s it.  That’s THEIR key, and it can’t be denied.  This never ceases to amaze me.  The power of the mind is phenomenal, and the connections I continue to see unfold give me great joy.  These connections strengthen me in what I do, so I can turn around and keep giving my clients the keys they have given me to hand back to them.

Even more amazingly, I’ve also started to see a trend that I’ve talked about here before – being given information from one client that is relevent to – and is meant to be received by – another.  These are unforeseeable until the second  clients session.  And these are links between individuals that otherwise would not be connected any other way, except that they both had a session with me.  When this happens I get a wonderful feeling of happiness and honor for having been able to complete this transfer of information.  I love what I do and am thankful to everyone who contacts me for a reading for the opportunity to serve them.

One interesting note:  part of the definition above is second sight.  The book addresses this – in a way I connected with.  The author mentions the ability to see the future as being referred to as Second Sight.  When I read this I thought in my head, “but it’s not SECOND sight, it’s FIRST sight! Referring to it as second sight is wrong!”  Then right after I thought that, a few lines after that read [paraphrased]: James C. Carpenter of the Rhine Research Center believes the term second sight is misleading.  In two papers published in 2004, Carpenter actually proposed calling the ability for distant and future knowing FIRST SIGHT – an ability that everyone has that transcends visual senses.

Now I ask you, reader, – do you have a knack for premonition?  Do you even believe in telepathy or sending and receiving?  Have you ever had an experience like I’ve mentioned here?  I invite you to share it and get involved.  Your story or experience could be someone else’s key.  As always, thank you for reading and contributing  and have a great Saturday!