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I’ll talk about last nights dinner shortly, but have something else that must be addressed first.  BUT I will say the dinner was excellent, exactly what it needed to be and everyone that was there was perfect.

I’m going through a massive overhaul right now and wonder if anyone else is as well.  Here’s what’s going on with me.  I’ve been living my life split, keeping one side of it separate from the other.  I’m not going to do that anymore.  I’ve had some things hit me over the head lately, opportunities for growth that cannot be denied.  When I say “hit over the head” I mean I’ve experienced some discomfort which lead to reflection.  And this is the conclusion I have come to.

I am many things.  I am not going to fit into everyone’s box of what they want me to be.  Or what they think I should be because of what I do.  I do what I do because it’s my life purpose.  I work with children because I am gifted at working with children.  I work with individuals to help them discover who they are because I am gifted at that.  I am highly intuitive and clairvoyant.  I am able to connect with others so deeply because of it.  I am not ashamed of this or hide it because other people may not understand it or be afraid of it.  I can’t control what other people think or feel about me.  I can only be who I am.  If anyone wants to judge that, that is for them, not for me.

The Light of God is in me and I am in the Light of God.  Where God is no darkness can reside.  Some people need God to be a certain thing, and I’m ok with that.  Everyone experiences God differently and I’m ok with that too.  God is a part of everything I do.  People call God different things – Spirit, God, Energy, The Universe.  God is LOVE.  If you are moving towards Love you are moving towards GOD.  If you are living in LOVE you are living in LIGHT.

So many experiences like I said  have led me to “come out” (thank you Dina for mentioning that last night) and say this is who I am.  And actually by coming out I am actually coming IN.  Coming into Light out of a shadow I have chosen to place on myself because of what other people may think of me.  I am coming into who I am.  THIS is who I am.  If you choose to know me for all that I am and walk with me, I welcome you, and I see the light in you.  If you don’t that’s ok too.  I STILL see the light in you.  But I will not be judged by a label, or of the color of my skin, or because I don’t fit into what you want me to be, because this is my        I AM.  There are a few people that may think this post is written for or about them, and it isn’t.  Not in judgement or combatively at least.  It is written from a place of freedom and happiness that I hope anyone reading this shares.  Like I said, I’m not here to judge or be judged.  I am here to do my work and be who I am.  Thank you to anyone who has handed me the opportunity to better define what that is.  NAMASTE.


So it’s obvious to me that it’s time to talk about this – what I call “SPIRITUAL MUSCLE MEMORY”.

I’ve had a few conversations about this recently.  It goes something like this:  My daughter was spending the night with a friend, but I SWEAR I kept seeing her out of the corner of my eye all evening walking between her room and her bathroom down the hall like she does during her regular getting ready for bed routine.

Or – my son has been at camp all week, but I’ve been waking up at the same time every night and when I first open my eyes I see him at my bedside, then I blink and he’s gone.  It happens every night – I called the camp and everything is ok, why does this keep happening, and what does it mean??

I don’t have the “scientific” explanation behind this, but it’s been shown to me as a type of muscle memory .  The energy of a persons spirit continues it’s normal routine, even when the body’s not there to fulfil the actual actions!  I’ve heard of it before, I’ve also talked to people who have woken up or come upon a scene being played out over and over again.  It doesn’t involve them, but it’s almost something that’s being viewed, kind of like watching a movie.  This can be really unsettling – especially when you know the person and they are still very much alive.  In some cases I think, especially when the person being seen is emotionally close to the seer, there is actually a unconcious choice to “leave a piece” behind as a comfort to either the leaver, or the seer, or both.  So if you are experiencing spiritual muscle memory it’s nothing to be afraid of, but see it a little differently and it can actually be experienced as intended, as a form of comfort to the person left behind until the leaver and the seer can be reunited again.

I’m looking forward to dinner next week and seeing everyone again.  If you have had an experience like I’ve described here, please feel free to write about it and share it here on the blog.  Like I always say, this is here for everyone to learn from so please, share away.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.

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