Hello everyone –

I’ve been working on a few projects lately, and this one is ready to fly.  The Traveling Psychic Supper Club has taken on a life of it’s own, so I thought it warranted a break away.  I’ve created a new site specifically for it here:


This site will contain all the information about the club, upcoming dinners, restaurant reviews of spots we visit as well as brief overview of conversations we have.  I’ve also included a place for topics of conversation and local favorite places of mine all over town.  This will be kind of more focused on the Austin area, so if you are making a trip to Austin, the best city in Texas by FAR, and one of the best cities in the country – check in and see what’s going on.  I’ll try to keep this page updated as far as upcoming fun and relevant events around town.If you are coming to Austin, maybe you can even stop in and visit  the group for a dinner.  We’d love to have you.


I’ll keep the If You Could See What I Hear blog rolling here in the same format.  I love writing here and love connecting with everyone from all over.  I invite you to jump over and visit the TPSC page – and please note: it’s in its infancy so I ask you please be patient – I’m adding new information every day as I have the time.

The biggest news is the upcoming TPSC Halloween dinner being held in a very special location:  The World Famous Haunted Driskill Hotel located in Downtown Austin.  This dinner is actually a whole day event  that includes a private tour of the hotel for the group, drinks if you like, and a dinner reservation at the 1886 Cafe and Bakery located inside the Driskill.  I wanted to do something extra special for this amazing group.  I’m very excited and am looking forward to sharing the day, learning and expanding.  I have held having a dinner at the Driskill as a kind of pinnacle  – something to reach for in the future, but I’m ready to grasp everything I’ve allowed to be held out in front of me and said, why not?  or more importantly – WHY NOT NOW?  So this is it.  If you are in the area I invite you to join us.  It’s going to be a wicked fun time.  And please, visit the new site, and let me know what you think.  I always enjoy feedback and connecting with everyone – wherever I can.