I was turned on to this very cool artwork by an old friend – Alex Cuervo (Of Austin’s Hex Dispensers – if you live in Austin, go hear them) when checking out my facebook feed this past weekend on the I35 Hellish roadtrip.  I think it’s really cool for all of the time, but since it’s halloween I think it’s especially fitting to share – so check this out.


Here are some samples…

I Hope you like these little guys.  There’s tons more work on the page itself, I just wanted to give you a taste.





So if you think I’ve not been writing about being clairvoyant much lately I agree.  My mind’s been all over the place lately.  But it doesn’t mean I haven’t been having clair experiences.  I’ve been blowing up lately.  Especially since starting the supper club.  I think somehow taking that step forward and inviting others into my “energy field” for lack of a better word that mirror me has been tremendous in my own clairvoyant growth.  If you are not surrounding yourself with people that are reflecting your light back to you, who do you have around you?  I think moving my own blocks has helped me pull so much positive into my life I feel like I’m moving in leaps and bounds.  And I want everyone else, like EVERYWHERE to feel this way.  What are you doing to promote your “clairself”?  I would love to know.  Much love to all my fellow clairs out there on this beautiful October day.  I hope you are totally immersed in who you are, and if not, taking the steps to move those blocks to do so.  AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  I’ve got a story I want to share here next time, but it’s still unfolding so I’m not ready yet….