Back to the original blog!  I’m trying to figure out the way to make both blogs available in the same place, as well as where they already exist.  I’ve me the person that is showing me how to do that, but I’ve not gotten there yet.  It’s coming.


I never remember my dreams.  In fact at the dinner last week we were talking and I felt a little small and left out – everyone was talking about these amazing dreams they have, lucid, colorful, vivid – just really amazing.  And I didn’t have much to contribute because I don’t dream.  When I said that Lacey turned to me with this look of disbelief – she said, “what do you mean?”  Well what I mean is this – I lay down, it’s dark, then I wake up.  There’s nothing in between.  Nothing that I remember I should say.  Sometimes – and we were talking about this as well – I’ll have a snippet – a tiny window later in the day when I’ll remember…something.  And it’s sharp and clear, but fleeting, as soon as it comes, it’s gone.

But since we had the dinner, and I’m not surprised by this – since this seems to be the case with anything we discuss – I’ve started seeing my dreams.  Not all of what I know is there, but some.  And I’ve been dreaming of Empathy.  This is part of my next path.  I’ve been invited to speak at a conference at my school district – for anyone that’s new to the blog I wrote a program that teaches kids to trust their instincts that is available in my area but I’m looking to expand it through other programs and public speaking.  You can see that program here:  I’m moving into Empathy Training.  Bullying is a big problem nationwide and we’ve had some suicides in our district that have been linked to bullying.  For me, this is just unacceptable – knowing what I know about Empathy and choosing again.  So I’ve been dreaming about it, and when I sat down to write my program information for the conference – all those dreams came out.  That and things I experienced growing up – about being separate and choosing.  It’s all coming together.  I’ll write more on it later but this is part of my path, and it’s amazing…partially because I’m seeing my dreams.  Have an amazing Saturday!