So today I had my very first “Long Island Medium” Moment.  I’m taking steps every day to come out of the “Clair Closet” and today was a big one for me.  While sitting in a makeup artist’s chair and chatting I did it.  I had to.  I actually said the words… “I’M A MEDIUM…and you are doing the right thing.  Additionally, someone is very proud of you.  I don’t know who, but someone is very proud of you.”  Because I don’t usually communicate with the dead, I knew it was someone living.

I know, Theresa, I couldn’t believe it either.  I actually opened my mouth and the words came out.  And guess what?



The response I got was positive and accepting.  The receiver of the information was happy to hear it, and I was happy to share it.  I won’t go into the story, it’s not my place to, but I opened my big mouth and when the words came out the lovingness and acceptance I felt not only from my makeup artist (who I didn’t know before meeting her today – and what I shared wasn’t even about make up – a door was opened in our conversation that lead to my “reading”) but from just everywhere – was amazing and all-encompassing.  And the funny thing was, I wasn’t even planning to go to MAC today.  I went on the fly, after ditching my Course In Miracles study group.  But after meeting and talking to this wonderful young woman (and her friend who she also brought over to meet me) I knew that’s why I was there, that’s why I had ditched class, and dragged my friend along – who’s very first ACIM group it would have been – was to share and validate that everything was absolutely right and perfect.  And there’s nothing better than that.


So what I am saying to YOU is this – if you are receiving messages for people but not sharing, why not?  If you are not doing what you feel like you SHOULD be doing in your BONES, WHY NOT??  People are ready to hear your message, and waiting to receive your insight.  I know, it happened today.  My first ever…”I’m a medium” moment.  And it wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t scary, it was well received.  In short it was RIGHT.  and what can be better than that?