DANG!  Yahoo is pulling me in all over the place.  But I do believe we see what we are supposed to see.  This is an inspiring video about a Highway Patrol officer in Marin, CA.  He keeps people from ending it all – from the Golden Gate Bridge.

This story is so amazing – and it reminds me we are all connected, ONE person CAN make a difference,  we are all on our own path and finally, we can’t fix everything.  If you have a second, watch this and be inspired as well.

I have a special place for Law Enforcement in my heart since my Dad is a retired police officer.  They don’t have it easy.  One of the things that my father told me that always stuck with me is when you are getting pulled over (and who hasn’t) just remember if you have a negative experience, don’t take it personally, you don’t know what that officer’s call was before he pulled you over.

To drive that home, I’ll share something with you – what if throughout the NORMAL course of your day you encountered ANY of the following?  A fatal traffic accident.  Having a gun pointed at you.  For real.  Having to chase a guy on foot for blocks in the summertime, then having him get away.  Dealing with a ton of people with the mindset of “my taxes pay your salary”.  And the worst – a domestic abuse call involving a child.  Please, let that sink in.  Then think of how you would go make that presentation, or hop on that next sales call.  I know there are bad apples out there, but our police – most of them are doing the best they can with what they’ve got.  Please, be kind, or at least courteous the next time you encounter one.  Oh and a tip if you DO get pulled over, keep both hands on the wheel, it’s a sign of respect and courtesy – starts the interaction off the right way. That may be just what they need in their day – kind of like the officer in the story – for the people getting ready to jump.  Hope you are all having an amazing day today, I sure am.    Now, go be inspired and watch the video!