Hello Everyone,  Here are some pics and the original Idea – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  If you like, please leave a comment with your name and location in the world – people from all over are looking at this page – let’s keep the connection going!!  Thank you!!

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I wanted to share a simple completely free idea that came to me to honor everyone who lost their lives on Friday in Connecticut, and their families.
I am a MOM (my kids are now 11 and 14) – my family and I live outside of Austin in Leander, Texas. I woke up on Saturday and was looking at our tree, at all of the handmade ornaments my kids have made through the years and was overcome with sorrow for the parents whose trees hold those same ornaments – but in a split second the joy they felt when looking at them turned to something completely different and it broke my heart for them, again. One of the things that has haunted me about this tragedy is that it hit so close to Christmas, and that those kids wouldn’t be there in their homes with their families for that special day that kids look so forward to all year long.
Then something came to me.
Let’s invite them into ALL OF OUR HOMES THIS CHRISTMAS. Let’s make ornaments for them, put them on our OWN trees so WE can share Christmas with THEM. Let’s make them with our own children, as a way to connect and heal. To give something to someone else – their families – from right where we are in our own homes. LOVE.
What if each house had an ornament for one of the kids. Each tree. Everywhere.
SO I invite you to join me in making ornaments. Out of anything. Just take the time to sit down wherever you are, work, home, SCHOOL – This is a great project for teachers and districts to use as a tool to heal. Or at the very least, to honor. And somewhere on the front write a child or teacher’s name that was lost on Friday. Decorate it however you want…
But I’m not creative you say? Well – if that’s the case I’ve included this little poem that also “came” to me. After I wrote it, I noticed it was kind of in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Fitting. So Cut it out, write a name on give it a kiss or press it to your heart, and hang it on a tree.
In Pain…LOVE
In Heartbreak…A SONG
In Hopelessness…A HUG
The idea of ornaments for these children on trees in homes, in schools, in churches, on trees on the sides of the roads (we do that here in Austin, decorate trees all along the roads) is a big one, it’s HUGE! So I need your help. Let’s show the world our LOVE. Let’s show the Parents we love their kids too. I invite you to make your ornament then post a picture of it or even better you holding it to FACEBOOK. I would love to see nothing but pictures of ornaments in my feed…and please forward this email around to anyone and everyone! Let’s see how long it takes the WORLD to get involved. I thank anyone who helps make this small idea a BIG REALITY. Let’s show our LOVE and SUPPORT to the parents in Connecticut. We are with you, and we will share Christmas (or Hanukkah) with your Kids this year. And the ornaments we made will go in with my kids ornaments, to be put up again every year. In our house, we will never forget.
A group of friends and I got together last night to honor the victims and do this project. We laughed and cried, worked together in silence, then we shared our ornaments with each other and told the story behind it. It was an amazingly special time. I’ll post a video of last night later,  for now I just want to get this idea out and working.  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COPY AND PASTE THIS INTO AN EMAIL AND FORWARD.  Let’s get LOVE out there!!!
Deborah Antich
A MOM in Leander, Texas