Today is a terribly sad day for me, and most of the people in my community.  We lost a dear friend, sister, co-conspirator, hand holder, inspirer.  For me, a fellow Soccer Mom.  A wonderful smile and contagious laugh.  A cozy place to plop down and sit for a minute and shoot the breeze if she was in her office when I popped in.  It was time for her to go back home.  My heart hurts not for her, but for her family, and everyone she touched with her AMAZING smile.  My heart ACHES  for us today.  Christine, my gorgeous sassy friend, I am missing you today.

Christine had Cancer.  And since her passing I’ve heard a few people saying, “She lost her fight with cancer.”  And this makes me really, REALLY mad.  No way, Christine never lost a fight with ANYTHING.  Maybe conceded, or let the other person “think” they won maybe – sure, maybe.  But LOSE a fight?  Now way.

I’ve heard people say that – She lost her fight with cancer, or oh, he finally lost his battle with cancer.  WHY WOULD YOU SAY THIS?  I’ve never understood it.  Why would you lessen what that person went through, what their families have gone through and will continue to endure?  To say they “LOST THE FIGHT”.  NO WAY, SCREW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine didn’t lose.  Christine didn’t give up, or lose a battle.  With cancer, you don’t have a choice.  It does what it does and you don’t really get a say.  Yes, some people survive, but it’s not because they fought any harder than anyone else, it’s what was in their cards.

So please, PLEASE stop saying people “lost” their fight with cancer.”   If you need to think something lost and something won – in reality the Soul lost the fight with the Body.  The pull from Heaven or Spirit, or the Divine or the One was too great, and the Soul went home.  For me, this is the only fight I will accept.


An amazing reunion happened yesterday, Someone many, many people love, cherished, honored and was continuously inspired by – A FIGHTER – went home yesterday.  Christine, thank you for sharing yourself with me.  Thank you for sharing yourself with Everyone at Pleasant Hill Elementary – for loving EVERY child that walked through that door, for making their transition into school days easier – including my own two.  For this I cherish you.  For the laughs we shared, I cherish you.  Even when you were the one there diverting the tardy kids into the office for late slips (many of which my kids received) with your arms open wide, with a smile to match it – “Into the office, Baby – Why you late today?  Mama oversleep again?” and that wink, that laugh, then a hug for me – you were always loving and kind.  I am blessed and happy to say I knew you.  I love you and miss you, my dear, dear friend.  We all do.