I sat down to watch TV with my daughter for a few minutes and there was a commercial on for the latest BIG SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER…in 3-D, IMAX and LARGE SCREEN.

3-D, HD, super enhanced, bigger explosions, mindblowers…

What ever happened to just walking outside and having a real experience?  Nothing enhanced, just a real experience in real time.  Not a picture to be posted on Facebook, Tweet or post SOMEWHERE for someone to comment on.  Just something that can be a memory in your head, for you.  I grabbed my computer to post this because it really made me feel like, what are we missing because everything has to be bigger and crazier and MORE MORE MORE?  So I’m  writing this, without even a picture to go along with it, and I’m walking out the door.  To experience something.  In real time.

Thank you to everyone who listened yesterday to the broadcast.  If you sent me a message or note, I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  Yesterday was an amazing day, and my many thanks to Clairgirl at www.aclairvoyantjourney.com If you would like to be on the show, let me know.