Hey Guys,

It’s that time again, I can’t believe it’s been a week since my first show…but here it is Thursday again.  So I’m inviting you to join me again today at 5:00 PM central time – today my guest will be David Sloan, Author extraordinaire and Founder of the Key West Original Ghost Tour.  David is an authority on all things Haunted in Key West – author  of books, Haunted Key West and Ghosts of Key West – and it also looks like he’s crazy about Key Lime Pie.  Maybe he’ll share a recipe?  We’ve got lots to talk about on the show tonight – including I’m sure David’s experiences with Robert the Doll, pictured below, along with a couple of David’s books. (image of Robert borrowed from http://www.flickriver.com/groups/robert_the_haunted_doll/pool/interesting/)


Front Cover                      

OK so on to dead birds. I woke up this morning a little nervous, have a lot to accomplish today before the show, including working on some projects concerning my trip up to Boston next week with Psy-Fecta

– I’m one third of this wonderful group of psychics – which includes my dear friends and cohorts, also members of the Supper Club – Susan Hanson Eishhorn and Lacey Givins Morton.  we do combined readings that include Tarot, Pendullum and Automatic Writing.  If you are in the Boston area, drop me a line and come out and visit us!  We’ll be visiting the famously haunted Seth Pope House which is a bed and breakfast, Salem and all other kinds of haunted places in the area.  We’ll be doing readings and basicly having a wickedly good time.  OH, and Susan and Lacey are my guests on NEXT WEEKS SHOW – Live from Boston!  We’d love to hear from you – send your questions to deborah@travelingpsychicsupperclub.com or call in during the show at (919) 295-0150 to ask us about our “tools of the trade”, how we work together or anything else “psychic related”!  If you have any haunted favorite places in that area, we’d love to hear about them!

OK SO NOW on to dead birds.  Or actually one dead bird in particular.  Like I said – I woke up a little nervous today – It’s only my second show after all, and had some thoughts running through my head about what all I had to do today.  I opened my front door to feed my outside cat Whiskers, and there on the porch was a proud present – yep, a dead bird.  I thought to myself, “well, at least I’m starting my day off better than this guys – and it can’t get any worse than his did.”  Life is all a matter of perspective – and this little bird gave me an opportunity to change mine.  Thank you little bird, for that.

BTW – if you missed last weeks show it’s available here:


I want to thank everyone who called, emailed or messaged me last week before or after the show – you guys really touched my heart with all the warm wishes and encouragement.  I’m dedicating todays show to all the people that HAVE MY BACKjno matter what and showed me LOVE when I really, really needed it – I LOVE YOU GUYS and you helped me out more than you will ever know!!