First let me apologize.  I’ve been a neglectful blogger.  I’ve been wrapped up in getting a bunch of shizzle done, and like, making some serious stuff happen with the help and collaboration of my peeps at the Traveling Psychic Supper Club and our Director David Sauvage, Production Partner Andrew Bly and all the freaking amazingly positive energy in the universe and beyond.  So, I’m sorry I’ve been off the radar for a while.  Also went to Boston with Psy-Fecta, where things blew up and shit got real.  Real Deal Spirit Communication is in effect, y’all.

Within 10 minutes of being there I saw a full (what looked like real life, nothing fuzzy or misty about it – full) body apparition there.  Feel dumb even calling it an “apparition”  – it looked like a real life man.  I even asked Janice the owner if it was her husband, who was over 3 hours away so that was a NO.  This is the staircase I saw him swing around the corner and go up.

 StairsatSethpopephoto (13)

Lacey’s pendulum kicked it up into high gear.  If you look closely you can see the pendulum swinging between Susan and Lacey.

LaceyPendullumSeriously that little Mama killed it with the pendulum at the Seth Pope House.

And Susan and I were receiving information like crazy.


So much to share, I really wish I had written when we were there, and I kind of kicked myself for it.  I hate backtracking for the blog, but so much happened,  I’ll try to get to it all, having the pictures helps to go back to helps.  And for now, I’m in a rush, so there are some pics from Seth Pope, and a little teaser for the future…

something rad is about to go down here in Austin.  Click the Pic to view the original trailer from 1982.