Today I get my life back.  Kids back in school, company gone home, husband back at work.  Emails to be replied to a crapload of projects to get back to, another one formulating in my mind first thing today.  Back at that feeling of DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START.  OVERWHELMED, Just take that first step…

I’m thinking this morning about all the things people want me to be.  One minute an advisor, another minute a leader.  Tomorrow a teacher.  A coach, a friend, a brainstormer.  And of who I was last week, a cook, a hostess, a mom.  a wife.

And all these new expectations, that push me way out of my comfort zone – A director wants one thing, dresses, fanciness, attention to looks, fashion…when I’m most comfortable in jeans and a hoodie.  But I can do it.  I can do anything.  But today is my day.  Today I’ve got a million things to do – at home, for work, for class tomorrow, for the future, but since today is my day, before I do all of that, I want to do something I love and miss, that reminds me that there are some things I’m not very good at, but love to do anyway.  That reminds me that falling hurts, but not as bad as you think it would.

After spending an hour looking through a bunch of old pictures on my laptop, looking for skate pics, but reliving scenes from my past lives crammed into this one – kids in elementary school, life working at the skate shop, two sister’s weddings….all the lives I’ve lived in the past 10 year, locked in files on the computer…

I’m going skateboarding.   Again.  I just wish Pic wasn’t in school so he could go with me.  🙂

Leander Skatepark Jan 2010-008