I am clairvoyant and have been my whole life.  People ask me if I’m psychic, all the time, jokingly.  I’m not crazy about the word “psychic” because it brings to mind those corny psychic hotlines, fortunetellers and tricksters.  In all honesty, the best “match” for what I “AM” is Clairvoyant.  Here’s what I mean…
My main “sensibilities” are:
Clairvoyant: I receive mental pictures – I call them “visual stamps”
Clairaudiant: I hear statements, single words, or conversations – which I usually don’t understand at first.  Then two days later, inevitably I will be involved in a conversation or reading with someone and understand where it fits.  Either it is “shown” to me, or it just naturally flows with the subject at hand.   Usually when I receive, I have no idea who the information is intended for. One of the amazing things is I may not even KNOW that person yet.  Then the conversation comes up, and I get the “tip” and I know.
my secondary “Clair” is Claircognizance – I just “know” things – very clearly – it just “is” with no question.  It’s like, on a clear day, you wouldn’t argue with me that the sky is blue right?  Well that’s how it is  when it comes to claircognizance…it just “IS”.
I am an Empath (meaning I can feel – and take on – other people’s emotions) and am a channel.  Not of the dead, like some mediums, instead I channel information.  In a conversation I tell people what they need to hear, or give them answers to questions they are asking, without having asked me.  In the course of a conversation or reading the receiver will give me cues (my own personal GPS, if you will) that they are hearing me and taking it in, or that they do not wish to receive the information I have for them, and we go down a different path.
I also share TELEPATHY with my sister and son.  I share connected empathy with my daughter.
As I said, I’ve lived with these “clairs” my whole life, it runs in my family, and it’s just a part of who I am.  I enjoy working with others to help them develop and enhance their own sensibilities. I’ve worked with individuals, families and kids to help them better understand their own gifts, or to help them get a handle on how to incorporate what otherwise may be scary or unusual into their every day lives.
To be completely honest and forthcoming here – I’m also a “Pusher” or Manipulator.  I am completely aware of it in all instances and NEVER use it to manipulate others or situations to my advantage.  I feel this is unethical.  However, because I have the ability to push, I am able to spot another “manipulator” immediately.  I am also able to detect manipulators in the lives of the people I read.
I have learned how to “dissolve” or dismantle negative energy.  Negative energy doesn’t go away, it just goes apart – if that makes sense?  It can be removed, but will resurface in another place, hopefully not back to the person it was removed from..although depending on the true intention, an individual can “call back” the energy I just removed!  Some people just can’t live without their drama…I have removed negative energy from clients which was creating mental issues and depression, and scattered thoughts as well as nightmares and poor sleep.  I have not had it return to those individuals.
I live my life with “spirit” or energy or whatever you want to call it all around me.  We all do.  I’m used to it, and I recognize and embrace it.  My life is fuller, and I’m amazed every day because of it.  I enjoy helping others understand and unlock their own gifts.  NOW having said all of this, I’ve got to tell you, I’m not all new agey, I’m not a hippie, don’t use a crystal ball or do parlor tricks.  I’m pretty close to a regular person, and live  a normal basic happy life, I’m no swammy.  I’m just your everyday…suburban clairvoyant!