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Happy Saturday Everyone ¬†ūüôā

I’ve had a lot of amazing conversations lately. The one unifying factor is this: WE ARE ALL EQUAL.

Last week I spoke at our school district’s annual conference and at one point I noted, and it’s completely true – I see everyone as a peer. Wether you are the Superintendent of schools, or a 4th grader, you are my peer. I have something to learn from either, and both.

Based on that one way of thinking can you see everyone as an equal? How can that be¬†applied to¬†everyday life? And what is the bigger idea here? For me – it’s NO JUDGEMENT.¬† Of OTHERS and of SELF.¬† This is huge – and it was huge for me.

Here’s a list of people – as you read it how do you feel? ABOVE or BELOW?¬† Let’s make this a visual exercise, but with no pictures.¬† When you read the list, see the individuals in your mind, and check in with your body – using the two words ABOVE AND BELOW

Your (or your kids) DOCTOR
Your (or your kids) TEACHER


So anyone who you see as “ABOVE” you…can you see them as a peer? Seeing everyone as a peer – and treating them as such removes obstacles between people.¬†¬† And it works in a ripple effect.¬† How much judgement do we impose on OURSELVES and each other because we expect someone else to have all of the answers because of what we are told is an elevated position?¬† How much pressure can we take off of ourself and each other by seeing every single person we encounter as a peer?

Here’s another list.¬† Use the same technique – ABOVE AND BELOW – check in when you see the individual in your mind’s eye.

Your COWORKERS  The Barista at Starbucks

the Custodian in your building  Your NEIGHBORS



Can you see all of the people in the lists ACROSS THE BOARD as an EQUALS  Or do you see the top list as authority figures and the people on the second list as below you?

Where do you feel the most empowered?¬† The most disheartened?¬† Can you flip it?¬† If you aren’t enjoying life – can you flip it?

What does flipping it look like for you?¬† For me, it’s taking the judgement off.¬† Of everyone, myself included.¬† And not projecting my perceptions of a situation onto others involved.¬† Taking a step back.¬† Looking at any given situation as a viewer, not a participator.

Taking the Judgement off of OTHERS as well as OURSELVES creates opportunity for amazing transformations to take place.¬†¬† Have you had a situation that you can remember that¬†had a positive¬†outcome,¬†different from¬†the usual negative outcome that happened because you took the judgement off?¬† I’ll bring it back to being psychic, clairvoyant, precognative, whatever term applies to you.¬† Have you ever had your ability perk up and instead of stuffing it back down or second guessing it, you just¬†acknowledged it without judgement?¬† Can you share it here?¬† I look forward to hearing from you.¬† And promise to have NO JUDGEMENT.¬† ūüôā¬† Have an amazing weekend!


Hello again and hope all is well. I’m led¬†today to talk about positive connections – seeing them, making them, and appreciating them – to keep bringing them to yourself, your work and your life.

The Traveling Psychic Supper Club and I are all about connections. We love sharing new ones with new members, seeing who fits in with who where, what experiences we have shared that are similar, and where we are going together. Everyone has their own special connections within the group. Like a ripple effect on a pond there are those of us in the inner circle, those that are on the outer edges of the circle, then those of us that have come in then out, but that are always welcome, whenever they can make it. I’m meeting people all of the time that are moving int “the new energy” of making positive connections, and letting go of old ones that no longer serve them. It’s an exciting place to be. Here’s what I’m talking about.

I’m meeting more and more people who are outright, with no excuses and no fear living their passions. Taking steps off of cliffs into the unknown, feeling the rush of the wind and knowing – EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK. No matter what. I’m trusting. I’m KNOWING. I’m EXPERIENCING and I AM SAFE. I’m taking care of myself, because I am feeding myself and my soul. And in turn, feeding others and their souls. In this way, if you can see that you are always safe, there is no unknown. Even the things that come into your life that are…hmm, shall I say unexpected, or a sudden event or even a tragedy – depending on how you see it, are a part of your path and the journey.

I’ve had some people ask me lately, but what about me? Everyone at my job is so negative, or my family – they just don’t get me, or this or that or whatever else is keeping me from being happy…what about me? In my work with kids, it is so much easier to see people for who they really are. Can you see anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable as…a kid? Can you see the things around THEM that make them unhappy? I’ve been working on a bullying presentation that I’m going to be giving at our District Conference next month. I’ve been looking at the difficulty of Bullying, while addressing issues of FEAR and LOVE. When someone is agitating¬†you, or you out right just can’t stand them or their ways, are you looking at them through FEAR or LOVE? Can you see the child they are, and what could be agitating¬†them? Can you take a walk in their shoes in other words? You may see that their shoes are way too tight, rubbing over and over creating blisters and pain. Maybe their parents can’t afford new shoes, so they have to wear these uncomfortable ones. Or maybe they have holes on the bottom, which cause them embarrassment or shame.

Can you really take a good look at those shoes?

They may fit perfectly fine, but not the BRAND that kid wanted, which causes resentment and again, shame, nothing is ever right. Can you see those shoes and all the external judgement that child feels from them? Now can you see the kid IN those shoes? When your feet hurt, you can’t focus on anything else. Maybe that’s what’s “wrong” with those people who¬†agitate you. Maybe they have so many “wrongs” going on in their life, they can’t see past it. And when you walk up in BARE FEET, talking about how great everything is… When someone is living in pain, or fear, they don’t want to hear about how great your life is, and how you are living your passion. But instead of getting angry at that person, remember their shoes, and love them, right there for who they are. It may be that love that gives them an opportunity not to be angry or judge you, but look down at their shoes and think about how they can be happy too. Everyone rubs off on someone else. Everyone plants a seed somewhere. If you are living in the flow of life, and living your passion today, stepping off cliffs, keep doing it, someone is watching you and may just take your que to take off those ratty old shoes and do the same thing.

Hello Everyone –

I have been receiving emails from around the planet.  I received one that opened something up for me, and I wanted to share my response here РIf I get the go ahead from the sender, I will share the original email in comments below.  I invite you to KEEP sharing your personal experiences here Рwe are connected and meant to speak up Рshare our stories.  Thank you to everyone who has shared theirs.

Thank you so much for the wonderful email.  We share that connection of receiving information Рand then having that overwhelming sick feeling when what we were seeing finally makes sense.  Ugh, I know that exact feeling in that exact moment.  I hope that is subsiding a bit today for you, as for me, I am seeing something amazing.
Those of us who “saw” or “felt” prior to the event – we are meant to be something like the pole that holds up a massive tent – that’s the best way of explaining – and funny, originally I saw an umbrella, then said that about the tent, and spirit said to me, NO – say an umbrella! ¬†So, OK! ¬†we are like the supporting pole of an umbrella – meant to stand up WHERE WE ARE and project love and light to hold up this huge web of supporting love for others. ¬†That’s our jobs in this time.
I am also seeing something else – the part of How The Grinch Stole Christmas – when the Grinch steals the Who’s gifts and they sing anyway. ¬†Their joy lifting up to grow the Grinch’s heart.
This is overwhelming to me. ¬†A Love and Joy is growing that is expanding up and over the broken-hearted, love rising up through the cracks of pain and grief. ¬†Holding those in pain with compassion. ¬†Pulling them into ourselves and offering our own hearts to offer relief and comfort and expecting nothing in return. ¬†Now I understand the umbrella. ¬†We are each making the choice to open our own umbrellas one to cover another, opening here and there, all over, to create one large cover of love. ¬†I ask you – please open your umbrella and let’s connect to get through this together.
In Pain…LOVE
In Heartbreak…A SONG
In Hopelessness…A HUG
Thank you to everyone who has written me privately, or posted comments to the blog.
There is work to be done.

DANG!  Yahoo is pulling me in all over the place.  But I do believe we see what we are supposed to see.  This is an inspiring video about a Highway Patrol officer in Marin, CA.  He keeps people from ending it all Рfrom the Golden Gate Bridge.

This story is so amazing – and it reminds me we are all connected, ONE person CAN make a difference,¬† we are all on our own path and finally, we can’t fix everything.¬† If you have a second, watch this and be inspired as well.

I have a special place for Law Enforcement in my heart since my Dad is a retired police officer.¬† They don’t have it easy.¬† One of the things that my father told me that always stuck with me is when you are getting pulled over (and who hasn’t) just remember if you have a negative experience, don’t take it personally, you don’t know what that officer’s call was before he pulled you over.

To drive that home, I’ll share something with you – what if throughout the NORMAL course of your day you encountered ANY of the following?¬† A fatal traffic accident.¬† Having a gun pointed at you.¬† For real.¬† Having to chase a guy on foot for blocks in the summertime, then having him get away.¬† Dealing with a ton of people with the mindset of “my taxes pay your salary”.¬† And the worst – a domestic abuse call involving a child.¬† Please, let that sink in.¬† Then think of how you would go make that presentation, or hop on that next sales call.¬† I know there are bad apples out there, but our police – most of them are doing the best they can with what they’ve got.¬† Please, be kind, or at least courteous¬†the next time you encounter one.¬† Oh and a tip if you DO get pulled over, keep both hands on the wheel, it’s a sign of respect and courtesy –¬†starts the interaction off the right way.¬†That may be just what they need in their day – kind of like the officer in the story – for the people getting ready to jump.¬† Hope you are all having an amazing day today, I sure am.¬†¬†¬† Now, go be inspired and watch the video!


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