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Today is a melancholy day.  Kids back in school, mixed feelings.  Pictures taken.  Started great, watched my sophomore walk off to the bus stop with her best friend, curls bobbing as she got smaller.  Drove the other to Middle School with Beastie Boys on the stere-O, Kisses goodbye.  Now I have the house to myself again, and hours of silence and peace and quiet, except for the occasional chicken cackle from out back or the new budgie chirping from up front.  Or phone call.  And all these emails to answer.

Still moving forward on that little idea, that little flag that was raised, which is snowballing into its own wonderful entity…

THE PROJECT we call it.  For now.

So with phone calls made for the day, emails sent, I finally get to sit down and write on the blog again.  And having come through all different kinds of emotions today I’m settling on words that I guess are a poem, constructed from a few of todays experiences.  If you like this, great.  If not, I’m not going to apologize.  It’s where I am, right now.

Where are you?

Walking back through the doors of the haunted house, I get a glimpse of who I am.  In my space which I have created, alone again.  Not bad alone, not good alone, indifferent, sloshing from light to dark and back again.  Swirling on the tilt a whirl.

Darkness on my right shoulder is mirrored by the angel on my left.  The constant tornado of light that pounds into my head from above, directly behind my left eye, is now joined by the new spike hammered in through my left temple.  A steel hammer on a steel spike, tink, tink, tink.  Not nearly as unpleasant as it sounds.

I’m done with talking, voice worn out.  Just watching and waiting, for the next piece.  I’ve extended the only hand I can.  So I’m Ophelia now.  Sinking slowly, gently smiling.  Not in water, but in blood.  As the sun warms my face, I wait.

 I’ve got my number now.

by Katie Rose Pipkin

artwork by Katie Rose Pipkin




This has been on my mind a lot lately, additional intensifying encounters have shoved it to the forefront of my thoughts…I am going to try to stay focused, but I have so many thoughts running through my head pushing each other out of the way, we’ll see what happens.

I have begun to have the experience lately of making connections while reading.  I receive a lot when reading, like my mind is working parallel-ly.  I don’t think that’s a word, but that’s what it’s doing.  It’s like my thoughts are moving around and I’ve learned to just let them, then within 20 minutes I’ll read something in the book that “validates” my thoughts, and solidifies them and confirms them. I feel I need to insert an example here.  Because it sounds like I’m talking about what’s going on in the book, but it’s not.  This is when I first made the connection – I had an overwhelming feeling that someone in my life that I am connected to spiritually but not physically had died.  In a short amount of time (within a few hours in the morning)  I had a few different indications and “pings” that kept telling me this was true.  So I told myself that if someone in the book died in the next few pages, then my thoughts would be confirmed.  And I almost thought that as a joke because the book I was reading was an autobiography and there wasn’t any chance at all of anyone dying in it.  I actually thought, ha ha, that’s not going to happen, almost tauntingly.  But after having the thought, and dismissing it as silly, on the next page a completely peripheral character that had only been mentioned once in the beginning of the book died.  It takes a lot to freak me out, but that did it.  It was so specific, the timing was exact.  I couldn’t deny it, or the feeling that reading those words brought up for me initially, followed by indescribable feelings of love, calm and peace.  I don’t even have a way to find out if this person had died, and it doesn’t matter.  I know,  I was shown, and it’s ok.  I’ve learned that sometimes you get answers without getting all the details and that’s ok.  It has to be ok.

This new occurrence of receiving while reading is funny because to read I actually have to sit down for a little bit and that’s hard for me.  But, this has become a valid tool for me, so I acknowledge it and accept it.  So that brings me to today’s topic at hand – the dark night of the soul.  Actually, it seems my son wants french toast, so this post will have to be continued.  But this is the beginning of understanding my duality, something I’ve had on my mind so much lately, why it is that I work in the light, but am drawn to the dark.  I’ve been given a key – through words in the pages of a book.

I’ve been given lots of keys lately, through books, people, relationships, conversations.  Things are clicking, cogs turning.  I feel like an animal running on all fours, gaining speed.  Actually, that’s a recurring dream I sometimes have – I’m an animal running, feeling like I’m grabbing at the ground and pushing it away as I run to gain momentum.  The feeling that comes with it is wild, free, gaining and expanding.  I love it when I feel that way in real life.  It feeds me.

Here’s to hoping you are feeling fed today.  Time for french toast.

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