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My last post was about feeling stuck.  But at the writing of this post, the waters are swirling, the flood gates are open, waves are crashing and its GO TIME.  So this post is about Catfish, which I’ve almost been obsessed about lately, A Course in Miracles which has come back into my life with a positive vengeance and oddly, animal totems.  Please stay with me.  This is going to be a true stream of consciousness experience.  If you live in a cave and don’t know about Catfish, you can click on the picture below to go straight to the official MTV page.  

CATFISH means a lot of different things to me and the extended people in my current experience – and they know who they are, he he.  Having said that, no, I’ve never Catfished anyone, nor have I been Catfished.  I didn’t have much thought about it, I don’t watch any shows on MTV.  But then Catfish came onto my radar when we started working on our show, and was brought to my attention from the farthest place I would have thought, Kelly, a very logical member of the Traveling Psychic Supper Club told me about it.  Wait.  Kelly told me to watch something on MTV.  This caught my attention.  So I watched it.  And I liked it.  Then I forgot about it, kind of.  I always really liked the human aspect of it, and that Nev had been through it himself, so could relate to the very real emotions those that had been “catfished” were experiencing.  I connected to that, because psychically I have always had the experience of connecting to people – friends, acquaintances and the people I read through stories and personal experience.  

So since the new Catfish season is about to start, it’s been all over MTV again.  I was able to sit down and watch the Catfish movie – which really caught my attention, the ending when two people sit down, face to face, the hurter and the hurt and face each other just raw and exposed – to talk in a place of no defense, no judgment, it just is what it is.  That is powerful.  And that makes me think of the work I’ve done in the past years via A Course in Miracles – which I’ve recently picked up again, in perfect time, again, in relation to Kelly.  This non-coincidence is not lost on me.  🙂

If you are familiar with the Course, you know how amazing it is.  If you aren’t then you should look into it.  Even if it’s just to figure out the connection between the Course and Catfish.  The Course teaches everything is love.  Pain, Anger and Judgment are all just Love, flipped and looked at the wrong way.  That we are all one, so in being all one, no person is separate from each other, or our source, which is also part of the one.  So since we are not separate, how can one person harm or hurt another?  That this existence is just this amazingly precise fabrication – a dream that we have created to see ourselves as separate.  But we’re not.  So that brings me back to Catfish.

So obviously in the show, as in the original movie we are following a story – a profile of a non-existent person has been fabricated to create a relationship that without that fabrication (at least on one side) wouldn’t exist.  A whole relationship – has been fabricated.  It’s a dream that both parties have subscribed to – and have created this whole other existence on.  To both, it’s very real – a story they’ve both subscribed to and fallen into.  This is a tiny variation of this dream state we have collectively fabricated – that separates us all as individuals.  In Catfish the Movie we are viewers, and are able to watch this unfolding which, by all normal means should end in a conflict, a fight, defenses and anger.  But it doesn’t.  It’s amazing.  It ends simply in a desire to understand, and still, through a betrayal, connect.  And in this, the opportunity is presented to see Angela’s side, something that wouldn’t have happened if all the above emotions had had their way.  And when I saw it, her side, as I’m sure others did as well, I could say, “wow” – OK, this person is totally isolated, and in this attempt to reach out, in the most hidden of ways, I get it.  I wouldn’t do it, but I can GET IT.  And you see the whole crew – Nev especially – GET IT.  And those emotions of anger – you can see them turn.  I think that’s pretty amazing.  And it’s a start.  It’s a start of something big, and a wave, a chance to see someone not as canniving, manipulative or a user, but as vulnerable, afraid and seeing themselves as not good enough.  In that, forgiveness, and a human connection is made.  I get it.  And I like it.  The concept is presented as entertaining, which is the hook, but the underlying story of shared forgiveness and connection is not lost.  At all.  It is a seed that is planted, that in some places will grow.  This is something I (We) hope to create with our own show – not in the way like Catfish, but seeing it present there shows me we can – Through a Psychic Connection, shared through a story.  

So when I was looking up different stuff about Catfish – I came across this on http://www.starstuffs.com/animal_totems/dictionary_of_wateranimals.html– which perfectly describes where I am right now.   And it does a pretty good job of describing what Catfish the show is creating too.  Pretty Amazing. 


Transformation of the spirit, time to discard what is not needed any more, teaches to have a greater sensitivity in communication. Listen and feel to what is going on around you. Catfish will teach discernment with heightened senses along with sharpening intuitions and feelings. Fish in general show how to swim the currents of life, use of intuition to navigate effectively, aids in attuning to the world of emotions, the un/subconscious and other-worlds, heightened senses including visions, dreams and related psychic abilities. Do you currently feel stuck? The river says it is time flow. Fish can show how to ride the tide to new adventures.

HELL YEA!!  My whirlpool is spinning and the waters are rushing.  And I am ready.  The River says it’s time to flow.  I’m ready to ride the tide to new adventures, with the perfect pieces and people around me.  

I’m with the River, I Say – It’s GO TIME. 





Hello Everyone,  Here are some pics and the original Idea – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  If you like, please leave a comment with your name and location in the world – people from all over are looking at this page – let’s keep the connection going!!  Thank you!!

dans tree (2) benjamin Allison IMG_2648 IMG_7410 IMG_5215

I wanted to share a simple completely free idea that came to me to honor everyone who lost their lives on Friday in Connecticut, and their families.
I am a MOM (my kids are now 11 and 14) – my family and I live outside of Austin in Leander, Texas. I woke up on Saturday and was looking at our tree, at all of the handmade ornaments my kids have made through the years and was overcome with sorrow for the parents whose trees hold those same ornaments – but in a split second the joy they felt when looking at them turned to something completely different and it broke my heart for them, again. One of the things that has haunted me about this tragedy is that it hit so close to Christmas, and that those kids wouldn’t be there in their homes with their families for that special day that kids look so forward to all year long.
Then something came to me.
Let’s invite them into ALL OF OUR HOMES THIS CHRISTMAS. Let’s make ornaments for them, put them on our OWN trees so WE can share Christmas with THEM. Let’s make them with our own children, as a way to connect and heal. To give something to someone else – their families – from right where we are in our own homes. LOVE.
What if each house had an ornament for one of the kids. Each tree. Everywhere.
SO I invite you to join me in making ornaments. Out of anything. Just take the time to sit down wherever you are, work, home, SCHOOL – This is a great project for teachers and districts to use as a tool to heal. Or at the very least, to honor. And somewhere on the front write a child or teacher’s name that was lost on Friday. Decorate it however you want…
But I’m not creative you say? Well – if that’s the case I’ve included this little poem that also “came” to me. After I wrote it, I noticed it was kind of in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Fitting. So Cut it out, write a name on give it a kiss or press it to your heart, and hang it on a tree.
In Pain…LOVE
In Heartbreak…A SONG
In Hopelessness…A HUG
The idea of ornaments for these children on trees in homes, in schools, in churches, on trees on the sides of the roads (we do that here in Austin, decorate trees all along the roads) is a big one, it’s HUGE! So I need your help. Let’s show the world our LOVE. Let’s show the Parents we love their kids too. I invite you to make your ornament then post a picture of it or even better you holding it to FACEBOOK. I would love to see nothing but pictures of ornaments in my feed…and please forward this email around to anyone and everyone! Let’s see how long it takes the WORLD to get involved. I thank anyone who helps make this small idea a BIG REALITY. Let’s show our LOVE and SUPPORT to the parents in Connecticut. We are with you, and we will share Christmas (or Hanukkah) with your Kids this year. And the ornaments we made will go in with my kids ornaments, to be put up again every year. In our house, we will never forget.
A group of friends and I got together last night to honor the victims and do this project. We laughed and cried, worked together in silence, then we shared our ornaments with each other and told the story behind it. It was an amazingly special time. I’ll post a video of last night later,  for now I just want to get this idea out and working.  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COPY AND PASTE THIS INTO AN EMAIL AND FORWARD.  Let’s get LOVE out there!!!
Deborah Antich
A MOM in Leander, Texas

I35 Corridor Road Trip Hell


Ok, I tried to send this out yesterday on the New Braunfels road trip, but it was a no go.  This past weekend – Saturday had us in Schertz Texas, on a hellish roadtrip down the I35 corridor that included a stop in at Cracker Barrel.  actually I’ll share the facebook post thread here or if you like me you can friend me on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/deborah.antich.

I hope it is not bad manners to post things from facebook onto blog entries.  I don’t know.  If someone does think so, please tell me.  One of my favorite comments is from Jay Thompson – about CBT’s.  Jeez that one had me cracking up.

One note:  if you are a fan of Cracker Barrel, my apologies.  That you are a fan of Cracker Barrel.  For those of you that are not from TEXAS Cracker Barrel is part gift/holiday shop (from what I could tell) and part down home cookin’ diner.  (This means weird grandma type recipes and fried food.  LOTS of fried food. Please note: I did not eat there but walked through the restaurant looking for the restroom.  The decor was dark kountry (yes, kountry with a K) brown.  Depressing.  The outside looks like an old barn.  There are white rocking chairs on the front “porch” for patrons to enjoy while waiting to belly up to the trough.  Don’t let the cheerfulness and homeyness of those chairs fool you.  I actually find these rocking chairs to be quite creepy.  If you are “sensitive” this place will suck your soul.  You have been warned.  Thank you to all of my facebook friends that unknowingly contributed to this post.  You are all loved.


GOOD GOD I WAS JUST IN A CRACKER BARREL FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. That place is hell on earth. Everybody there was frowning, it’s full of crap and the tap in the bathroom was making this grating screeching sound that almost made me lose my mind. Thank god I only stopped in to go to the bathroom so only spent 3 minutes inside. When I got back to the car I told Jim if he loves me AT ALL he will never make me go there again. *shudder*
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  • Paul Hernandez You should go back and try the coca cola chocolate cake. I had to eat there because my partner on the ambulance wanted it and there was no where else to go. That cake was awesome though.
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  • Lisa Diehl Went in there really hungry once … the level of starving where ANYTHING sounds good. Ended up eating this bizarre casserole that was a combination of chicken, apple pie filling, and Ritz crackers. Five or six years later, and I still get the heaves thinking about it.
  • Jennifer Gonzalez I love that place! It’s like a little piece of Branson. I imagine it’s like Branson because I’ve never been there but I always expect to see Conway Twitty in a Cracker Barrel. Comfort food and bejeweled t-shirts, I love it. :~)
  • Eric Rivas You can take the girl out of Garland, but you can’t take Garland out of the girl. Embrace Cracker Barrel. 🙂
    Saturday at 11:41am · Like · 1
  • Deborah Hernandez Antich Rivas I will punch you!!!!!! No way! :p
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  • Jay Thomson I was at one once exactly twenty years ago (before I knew better) and vowed on the spot never to go back.
  • Jay Thomson Oh yeah, this morning I was talking with the service tech at a Ford dealership, when a CBT (Cracker Barrel-Type) rudely interrupted us to demand directions to the nearest CB. We both feigned ignorance of the fact it was less than a mile down the road.
    Saturday at 12:13pm · Like · 1
  • Deborah Hernandez Antich Oh jeez Jay, your post made mr cry !!! What perfect timing. I am still laughing. Oh god. And CBT- I’m totally adopting that . It’s right on the money. I love you do much for writing this!
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  • Stephanie Hernandez-Welsh It’s so TRUE!!!!!!
  • Kari Luna Hysterical. Good to see you haven’t changed, lady!
  • Allan Harjala Thank you for spelling “lose” correctly. It is likely you are the only person who ventured into that Cracker Barrel today who has.
  • Deborah Hernandez Antich @Allan. Yes. Most likely.
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  • Ellen Dickson I hate Cracker Barrel!! My kids love it though! ugh! They go with there great grandma so I’m in the clear of having to ever go! Blah! That place is the pits!
  • Leslee Hare Wow, Deborah, I got a really strong visual with that description! I hope you’re doing well otherwise! 😉
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  • We were there for a soccer game.  We won the game which was the high point of the day.  3-2.  On the way back we stopped in at Buckees, which is another famous place.  It’s a truck stop.  
    Yea, guys, Texas is kind of weird.
    Want to be overwhelmed? Go to Buckees. Seriously. This stretch of I35 is a nightmare to me. Glad to be headed home after a win in Schertz. Hopefully there will be no more stops. (4 photos)
    Photo: Want to be overwhelmed? Go to Buckees. Seriously. This stretch of I35 is a nightmare to me.  Glad to be headed home after a win in Shertz.  Hopefully there will be no more stops.
    Photo: Want to be overwhelmed? Go to Buckees. Seriously. This stretch of I35 is a nightmare to me.  Glad to be headed home after a win in Shertz.  Hopefully there will be no more stops.
    Photo: Want to be overwhelmed? Go to Buckees. Seriously. This stretch of I35 is a nightmare to me.  Glad to be headed home after a win in Shertz.  Hopefully there will be no more stops.
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    • Anna Hernandez-Robinson That’s place is nuts!!!
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    • Then we drove by the San Marcos Outlets.  This place is a big deal for their “bargains”.  I’ve been there once.  
      People drive from all around to go to this place.  I’d skip it if I were you and go to the outlet in Round Rock.   Anyway, here’s the update from San Marcos:
      333 make a wish. Can you tell I’m bored in the car? Also, we just passed the outlets in San Marcos and I noticed all the buildings have these weird fake castle looking facades on top. This makes me want to punch someone as well. I think the I35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio is a vortex.
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      • Yesterday we had another road trip back to almost the exact same location, New Braunfels.  
        But a much different experience.
        THANK GOD.
        • Just heard Waylon Jennings in a gas station in new braunfels. Today’s road trip is already shaping up to be 100 percent better. And it’s 11:11. Definitely better.
          Photo: Just heard Waylon Jennings in a gas station in new braunfels. Today's road trip is already shaping up to be 100 percent better.  And it's 11:11.  Definitely better.
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          • Michael Horvath Ooh. 11:11. The numbers of angels! And Waylon. Gotta be a good day.
            19 hours ago · Like · 1
          • Deborah Hernandez Antich @Mike, you bet it was. Cold and windy as hell out on the soccer fields, but then went and ate at Coopers in New Braunfels with some of my favorite people on the planet. Took the scenic drive home through Wimberly and Dripping Springs. Brought home a 1-0 win. Spent some time with my sweet Elena and her new friend late into the day. Yes, Mike, I’ll say, yesterday was a good day. Boy I sure do miss you. Please let me know when you make it back out this way.
          OK, I hope this post didn’t irritate anyone.  Just wanted to share my weekend experiences with you.  So to Recap:
          Cracker Barrel – BAD
          Buckees – BAD
          There’s one in BURNET too.


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