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OK, so if you follow me anywhere else, you may be kind of tired of hearing about this, but I’m trying to get the word out, not just about this event but that being psychic is fun.  Really, Really fun.  Not creepy or weird, maybe unusual, but a lot of fun too.

Flix Brewhouse is a movie theater here in Austin that does lots of fun stuff.  You can eat a tasty meal and have a beer or drink while watching a movie in comfort and style.  Last month they had a showing of Talladega Nights to celebrate Will Ferrell’s birthday, complete with birthday cake and commemorative pint glasses.  Check this out…

photo (15)

Pretty Rad.  So on the way I was thinking, since I’d just watched the Sixth Sense with my daughter, what if they did a Q&A with a psychic along with a screening of the movie for Halloween?  I told Jim and he was like, “Yea, that would be cool.”  Then we watched Talladega Nights and had a blast.

So the next day I Emailed Flix with my idea, and heard back from Merredith, the Marketing Manager – who is incredibly wonderful to work with.  By no coincidence, they were having a meeting that afternoon and she was excited to pitch it….The powers that be had the meeting and came back with this counter – how about poltergeist?


HELLS YEA!!! That was an even BETTER IDEA than Sixth Sense.  Creepier.  Scarier, OLDER and it goes without saying…


I was totally on board.  So here is the idea come to life.  This is what happens when you STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT.

If you have a crazy little idea, share it, something really cool and amazing can happen!  And if you partner with someone SUPER KICK ASS like FLIX BREWHOUSE that says, yea, I GET it and want to do it to…something like this can happen.

Get your tickets here:http://www.flixbrewhouse.com/

click on Purchase Tickets in the top left hand corner and choose poltergeist.

Then Show up October 29 and let’s have a kick ass time.

Here it is…




Ok, I know this is all over facebook right now, but if by any chance you live in a cave and aren’t checking your facebook page (I know, if you live in a cave you don’t have electricity or internet or…whatever – nevermind!)  Then you have to check this out.  This isn’t clairvoyant, or psychic or any of those things.  But it is just plain hilarious – and if you can look at these pics without laughing then you have no soul!

Just something funny for Halloween, thanks to Nightmares Fear Factory  in Niagara Falls, CA for sharing these.  Click the picture to see all 45. HA HA HA hope everyone is having a Happy Wednesday!










Oh, October.  Like candy.  This is my month, Halloween is to me what Christmas is to most people.  Each day has to be savored and enjoyed, licking the last bit of wonderful stickiness from fingers.  The candy of October…the taste of Halloween.

I’m up late working, working, working.  Moving pieces around, getting things put in place.  Flipping channels and Draculas on.  The newer Dracula, Francis Ford Coppola’s version.  I’ll take it.  A bit of bad acting (some over acting)… Winona Rider and Keanu Reeves can’t deter me.  I love the feel of that film, the costumes and the old style of the overlays.  It’s a good one.


And I’m a sucker for Gary Oldman, always have been – jeez ever since I was a teenager.  Just watched Sid and Nancy again the other day.  It’s been a couple of years, but I’ve seen that movie a million times.  So different from the first time I saw it, when it first came out.  I’ve lived a lifetime since then…but I still got the same feeling when she pulls up in that taxi.  Even though I know it’s a romanticized version of a gritty, dirty, sad existence, I love that scene.


So anyway, back to Dracula and October and Halloween.  So Dracula ended and looking around Night of the Living Dead is on another channel.  The old 1968 classic.  Nice.  Flipping again, American Horror Story.  Settle on that for a bit.  This is one of the great things about October, there’s decent stuff to watch on TV.  At least until the 31st.


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