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Hello AGAIN and Happy Friday the 13th!!

Today is the day to share some amazing news that the Traveling Psychic Supper Club has been working on for the past year.

I guess the best place to start is kind of what is the beginning.  I hope you’ll stay with me…and if you Started with me, I hope you’ll add anything I’ve forgotten!

It all kind of started with this Event, which brings me full circle today – This was my first event with the Driskill hotel, which I had always seen as a PINNACLE.  I wanted to do something there, but wasn’t sure if I should, like it was too soon after starting the supper club which had just begun in July.  But Lacey was there and said, why not?  WHY NOT THIS YEAR?

So I went with it.

Then I went to a marketing/PR meeting because I kinda suck at that stuff – where I met Dave Mazner of  http://www.meetup.com/PRoverCoffee-Austin/ here in Austin, I told him what I did and he told me to contact

http://austin.culturemap.com/  that they would love what I do and be into the Supper Club.  I did the next day and Michael Graupmann wrote this amazing article.  Which would be instrumental in my/our future and I didn’t even know it.   The Driskill dinners were a huge success and I now work closely with the Driskill on public and private dinners.  I’m having one tonight, in fact!  What better night than Friday the 13th?

So  around Thanksgiving I wrote this:


This is how fast things happen if you let them.

I wrote that post on November 24, 2012.

On December 5, 2012 I got a phone call from a director named David Sauvage .  He had been commissioned to create a pitch about a show about psychics and food by a major Cable Network.  This is David.  He’s awesome!

David and his Production Partner Andrew Bly flew out to meet us for a dinner.  It was at the Driskill.  It was amazing.  David and Andrew were both “one of us”.  Some stuff happened, then we had a tiny setback that wasn’t a setback at all, just a blip and we moved forward.  Someone amazing stepped forward and we were back on track.  We made a plan to start the ball rolling on a production reel and they came out and filmed it in April.  I wrote about it here: http://travelingpsychicsupperclub.com/2013/05/14/psychic-tv-behind-the-scenes-aprils-dinner-at-moonshine/

Then they left, we kept in touch, some stuff happened, Summer happened. The footage was edited and shown to some people – but a lot of them didn’t get it.  So we kept working (David, Andrew and their guys – they kept working.)  We kept having dinners, doing readings, swimming, enjoying our kids/families/LIFE and this amazing wonderful summer of 2013.

Somewhere in there, I got a radio show with an AMAZING online Paranormal Radio community called www.paramaniaradio.com.  Thank you very much to very talented astrologer and Supper Club member Donna Woodwell for making that connection!

During this time, I was still talking to David, and our conversations became much more frequent.  We ended up collaborating on a regular basis, he would say this is what I have – this is where we are, and we would talk and I would channel and we would decifer the information that came in.  And we would go in the direction we were led.  And a very clear direction emerged.  The individual with the right energy emerged so we moved towards that.

Then Susan, Lacey and I went to Boston.  I wrote about that here: https://ifyoucouldseewhatihear.wordpress.com/2013/08/10/so-im-baaaaccckkkk/

We did a radio show from there which was fun.  You can listen to that here:http://paramaniaradio.com/extras/ondemand.php?ondemanddir=Traveling%20Psychic%20Supper%20Club&getfile=Traveling%20Psychic%20Supper%20Club%20-%20Lacey%20Givins%20and%20Susan%20Eischhorn%2020130725.mp3

Our trip to Boston really created a whole new level of energy, even though it involved only Lacey, Susan and myself, it solidified something for all of us.  It was a tipping point and the GAME WAS ON.  By going to Boston, we had, as David says, Put our stake in the ground.

While we were in Boston I had lots of phone calls with David, conversations with Kelly, Lacey and Susan.  Kirby pretty much chills and we fill him in later.  That’s just how Kirby rolls.  He grounds us.  He’s rad.

We were getting offers to partner from some different production companies but the fits weren’t there.  None of they were who I had seen.  I held off on dropping the hammer, and David agreed.  This partnership has been amazing, and correct.  BUT We weren’t there yet.  And these were amazing companies, each and every one.  But it wasn’t right yet.  The correct Tetris blocks hadn’t fallen yet.  The right block would fall right from the top, didn’t need to be twisted or turned, and it would be perfect.

Then it fell.  The right person got it.  And not just got it, but GOT IT.  The right block appeared and fell into place.

So if you’ve stuck with me this far here is the announcement:

I am proud to announce that the Traveling Psychic Supper Club is partnering with the Weinstein Company to create our TV Show.   Some stuff needs to happen between now and then, but it will, and I’ll be heading to New York to pitch the show to networks alongside my Director, Collaborator and Friend, David Sauvage and Harvey Weinstein, who I have yet to meet, but am already excited to connect to this amazing ball of energy.  Things are coming together, and we are here to do the work.  I hope you’ll visit back to see the progress on the project, which I am excited to now openly share.  There is so much energy behind this, and I appreciate the energy that the group, David and Andrew and everyone associated with them – Josh, Alexi, my Hernandez family that I come from, my immediate family – Jim, Pic and Elena, my TPSC Family here in Austin, my extended family at Paramania Radio, and my psychic family that is only growing all over the country.  Everyone who has worked with us on this side, AND the other, Adam and Paige – Love to all you guys.   This is only growing and getting better.

There is work to be done.  I’m here to make things happen, and I don’t mess around.  Thank you to everyone who is behind me and the Traveling Psychic Supper Club.

Perfect timing:  3:33pm

This is how I feel right now.  Can’t Hold Us.  SO many things about this song speak to me on so many levels.  And it’s just wicked fun, when I hear it I move.  My city’s behind me.  And anyone who knows me knows I’m like when you give a little speed to a Great White Shark on Shark Week.  Macklemore’s flag says The Heist.  Mine’s just got an EYE.

Thanks everybody and have an amazing weekend.  Love to you all, Love from Texas


Hello Everyone!!

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to post this – but tonight is my first Radio EVER Broadcast of…..

Traveling Psychic Supper Club – the radio show – on www.paramaniaradio.com!!!

I would love it if you would join me in celebrating this very special event – the show starts at 5:00PM Central time and it’s a live, much larger version of the dinners I hold here in Austin.


(I write a blog about that too, although not as extensive as this one, at www.travelingpsychicsupperclub.com).  The show is about anything and everything psychic – for anyone from beginner, everyday people, all the way up to professional psychics.  I’ll be discussing different topics – tonight is kind of an into – but I’ve also got a wonderful Guest – Jackie Mihalchick – AKA Clairgirl – who writes an amazing blog here:  http://aclairvoyantjourney.com/who has become a friend and confidant – a fellow Clair with whom I’ve had MANY parallels – which I’m sure we’ll discuss tonight!  We will be discussing whatever comes up!  So I invite you to call in with anything you would like to share or a question you may have.  I think the show is going to be a great place to connect with old psychic friends and make new ones.

IF you are interested in being a guest please contact me via email at deborah@travelingpsychicsupperclub.com so we can talk – My greatest desire with this show is getting even more information out there about how REGULAR people are psychic, and that we all have these tremendous abilities within us.

I’ve already been in contact with many, many psychics, authors and overall amazing people who want to be a part of this show and I am excited to see which direction this takes me.  I know it’s a part of my path and hopefully part of yours!!  Oh yea, and that little ole TV show I mentioned a while back, wonderful things are happening with that too – so, STAY TUNED!! – but TUNE IN for sure tonight, on www.paramaniaradio.com, and take your seat at the psychic table!

At 5:00pm central, 6:00pm eastern, CALL IN NUMBER is displayed on the screen during the show – I’d love to hear from you!  Thanks again for everything, everyone that reads this blog, leaves a comment or shares and idea – you are wonderful and important to me and I appreciate you!!

Thanks guys!!! Much Love!  Deborah

AKA @suburbanclairvoyant


So it’s a big day, New Year’s Eve – a great day, end of the year, on the verge of the new – also my 15th Wedding Anniversary.  So it’s a pretty big day.  And I’m chewing on a few things, some new, some old, and I invite you to chill with me for a sec and reflect.  Oh yea, and I want to tell you how amazing you are – got your attention?

This has been a pinnacle year for me.  It’s my first year on the blog – which started in January – so a full year of writing.  This alone is a huge personal accomplishment.  My kids program (www.iprojectconfidence.com) which I am hugely proud of, is working in schools and the community.  The two sides of who I am are merging together.  I feel like I’ve finally let all the guards down and started being ME.  I’ve started putting myself out there, and connecting with others that are doing the same.  I made a decision about mid year – that I would only allow amazing people into my life.  Period.  And you know what happened?  That’s who’s come to me.  From all over, and I mean ALL over.  And it all started on the blog.  So WORDPRESS, a huge shout out, and props and all that.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

SO some of you may be thinking, ONLY AMAZING PEOPLE?  Well, who do you think you are?  Here’s your answer.

I’M AMAZING..  AND SO ARE YOU – That’s what I’m here saying today.  We are all connected, we are all amazing.  if you are hiding your light, WHY?

LET GO OF MEDIOCRE. PERIOD.  It does not serve you.  So, now this takes me into something else, which created some discomfort for me yesterday, but I’m going with it and I hope you’ll stick with me to the end.  I’ve been accused recently of being a Liberal.  Which actually I’m not.  Because I see the words in the sense that they are thrown around lately – LIBERAL and CONSERVATIVE as ugly words, mudslinging words meant to sting, or irritate, or whatever.  I’m not on board with it.  I’m actually really over it.  My DEAR old Friend Shannon gave me the opportunity to look at this and shine a light on it – for that I am grateful, why I am so over this bickering back and forth especially here, in the US.

SO this is what I’ve got.  I’m not a liberal.  I’m a Child Advocate.  I’m a CASA.  I get to spend time with a child that is in the system, I go to court and I STAND for that child.  I STAND.  I am part of a network of people that are getting up and STANDING.  In all kinds of places.  People that are getting up and living a passion.  And not just CASA’s.  I am meeting Writers, and Educators, and Administrators, Clairvoyants, Speakers, filmmakers, Chefs.  I’m meeting REGULAR people doing EXTRAORDINARY THINGS.  People that are STANDING.  People that are AMAZING.  That are looking around them and saying, this isn’t enough.  I can do better.  AND I’m meeting more and more every day.  We are connecting.  Here on the blog, in Restaurants, in Schools, in Homes.  We are coming together.  And this is just this year.  So much has happened this year, I am in AWE – and AWE isn’t even a big enough word.  I am honored to be a part of this wonderful thing – and to have been given a voice in this forum to promote it.

Recently a new (an, familiarly old at the same time) friend- David told me “you are a thousand people in one”.  I took that as an amazing compliment – but also recognized, it is amazingly tiring.  So, I am going to do some slowing down this next year, and know that I don’t have to do everything all the time.  If I am doing everything, I may be taking an opportunity away from someone else to shine.  So, I’m going to take a little time to smell the roses (and hopefully the Carbona – in person at Landmarc…in NY) in the very near future…

This has been a year of Pinnacles, as I said.  Starting the blog.  Starting the Traveling Psychic Supper Club. Having the dinner that I thought was the Pinnacle at the Driskill – that lead to so much more than I ever could have imagined.  AND having a BLAST along the way.  I don’t have goals, I have Pinnacles, I reach one, then see another.  And I have the faith to know I will reach it, with no fear.  This is what this looks like, this is STANDING.  So if you have been waiting for a formal invitation – here it is.  I am reaching out my hand to you – with love, because you are amazing too.  And I am asking you – will you STAND TOO?

Happy New Year everyone.  From Outside Austin, Texas

I35 Corridor Road Trip Hell


Ok, I tried to send this out yesterday on the New Braunfels road trip, but it was a no go.  This past weekend – Saturday had us in Schertz Texas, on a hellish roadtrip down the I35 corridor that included a stop in at Cracker Barrel.  actually I’ll share the facebook post thread here or if you like me you can friend me on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/deborah.antich.

I hope it is not bad manners to post things from facebook onto blog entries.  I don’t know.  If someone does think so, please tell me.  One of my favorite comments is from Jay Thompson – about CBT’s.  Jeez that one had me cracking up.

One note:  if you are a fan of Cracker Barrel, my apologies.  That you are a fan of Cracker Barrel.  For those of you that are not from TEXAS Cracker Barrel is part gift/holiday shop (from what I could tell) and part down home cookin’ diner.  (This means weird grandma type recipes and fried food.  LOTS of fried food. Please note: I did not eat there but walked through the restaurant looking for the restroom.  The decor was dark kountry (yes, kountry with a K) brown.  Depressing.  The outside looks like an old barn.  There are white rocking chairs on the front “porch” for patrons to enjoy while waiting to belly up to the trough.  Don’t let the cheerfulness and homeyness of those chairs fool you.  I actually find these rocking chairs to be quite creepy.  If you are “sensitive” this place will suck your soul.  You have been warned.  Thank you to all of my facebook friends that unknowingly contributed to this post.  You are all loved.


GOOD GOD I WAS JUST IN A CRACKER BARREL FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. That place is hell on earth. Everybody there was frowning, it’s full of crap and the tap in the bathroom was making this grating screeching sound that almost made me lose my mind. Thank god I only stopped in to go to the bathroom so only spent 3 minutes inside. When I got back to the car I told Jim if he loves me AT ALL he will never make me go there again. *shudder*
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  • Paul Hernandez You should go back and try the coca cola chocolate cake. I had to eat there because my partner on the ambulance wanted it and there was no where else to go. That cake was awesome though.
    Saturday at 11:30am via mobile · Like
  • Lisa Diehl Went in there really hungry once … the level of starving where ANYTHING sounds good. Ended up eating this bizarre casserole that was a combination of chicken, apple pie filling, and Ritz crackers. Five or six years later, and I still get the heaves thinking about it.
  • Jennifer Gonzalez I love that place! It’s like a little piece of Branson. I imagine it’s like Branson because I’ve never been there but I always expect to see Conway Twitty in a Cracker Barrel. Comfort food and bejeweled t-shirts, I love it. :~)
  • Eric Rivas You can take the girl out of Garland, but you can’t take Garland out of the girl. Embrace Cracker Barrel. 🙂
    Saturday at 11:41am · Like · 1
  • Deborah Hernandez Antich Rivas I will punch you!!!!!! No way! :p
    Saturday at 11:47am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Jay Thomson I was at one once exactly twenty years ago (before I knew better) and vowed on the spot never to go back.
  • Jay Thomson Oh yeah, this morning I was talking with the service tech at a Ford dealership, when a CBT (Cracker Barrel-Type) rudely interrupted us to demand directions to the nearest CB. We both feigned ignorance of the fact it was less than a mile down the road.
    Saturday at 12:13pm · Like · 1
  • Deborah Hernandez Antich Oh jeez Jay, your post made mr cry !!! What perfect timing. I am still laughing. Oh god. And CBT- I’m totally adopting that . It’s right on the money. I love you do much for writing this!
    Saturday at 12:34pm via mobile · Like
  • Stephanie Hernandez-Welsh It’s so TRUE!!!!!!
  • Kari Luna Hysterical. Good to see you haven’t changed, lady!
  • Allan Harjala Thank you for spelling “lose” correctly. It is likely you are the only person who ventured into that Cracker Barrel today who has.
  • Deborah Hernandez Antich @Allan. Yes. Most likely.
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  • Ellen Dickson I hate Cracker Barrel!! My kids love it though! ugh! They go with there great grandma so I’m in the clear of having to ever go! Blah! That place is the pits!
  • Leslee Hare Wow, Deborah, I got a really strong visual with that description! I hope you’re doing well otherwise! 😉
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  • We were there for a soccer game.  We won the game which was the high point of the day.  3-2.  On the way back we stopped in at Buckees, which is another famous place.  It’s a truck stop.  
    Yea, guys, Texas is kind of weird.
    Want to be overwhelmed? Go to Buckees. Seriously. This stretch of I35 is a nightmare to me. Glad to be headed home after a win in Schertz. Hopefully there will be no more stops. (4 photos)
    Photo: Want to be overwhelmed? Go to Buckees. Seriously. This stretch of I35 is a nightmare to me.  Glad to be headed home after a win in Shertz.  Hopefully there will be no more stops.
    Photo: Want to be overwhelmed? Go to Buckees. Seriously. This stretch of I35 is a nightmare to me.  Glad to be headed home after a win in Shertz.  Hopefully there will be no more stops.
    Photo: Want to be overwhelmed? Go to Buckees. Seriously. This stretch of I35 is a nightmare to me.  Glad to be headed home after a win in Shertz.  Hopefully there will be no more stops.
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    • Chaz Green likes this.
    • Anna Hernandez-Robinson That’s place is nuts!!!
      Saturday at 10:35pm via mobile · Like
    • Then we drove by the San Marcos Outlets.  This place is a big deal for their “bargains”.  I’ve been there once.  
      People drive from all around to go to this place.  I’d skip it if I were you and go to the outlet in Round Rock.   Anyway, here’s the update from San Marcos:
      333 make a wish. Can you tell I’m bored in the car? Also, we just passed the outlets in San Marcos and I noticed all the buildings have these weird fake castle looking facades on top. This makes me want to punch someone as well. I think the I35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio is a vortex.
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      • Yesterday we had another road trip back to almost the exact same location, New Braunfels.  
        But a much different experience.
        THANK GOD.
        • Just heard Waylon Jennings in a gas station in new braunfels. Today’s road trip is already shaping up to be 100 percent better. And it’s 11:11. Definitely better.
          Photo: Just heard Waylon Jennings in a gas station in new braunfels. Today's road trip is already shaping up to be 100 percent better.  And it's 11:11.  Definitely better.
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          • Michael Horvath Ooh. 11:11. The numbers of angels! And Waylon. Gotta be a good day.
            19 hours ago · Like · 1
          • Deborah Hernandez Antich @Mike, you bet it was. Cold and windy as hell out on the soccer fields, but then went and ate at Coopers in New Braunfels with some of my favorite people on the planet. Took the scenic drive home through Wimberly and Dripping Springs. Brought home a 1-0 win. Spent some time with my sweet Elena and her new friend late into the day. Yes, Mike, I’ll say, yesterday was a good day. Boy I sure do miss you. Please let me know when you make it back out this way.
          OK, I hope this post didn’t irritate anyone.  Just wanted to share my weekend experiences with you.  So to Recap:
          Cracker Barrel – BAD
          Buckees – BAD
          There’s one in BURNET too.


Yesterday I went out to see my hens and  I counted them like I always do – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.  Not unusual, one’s usually upstairs in the hen house.  I went to open the door to check for eggs and got that feeling…I saw Lydia laying oddly in an unusual spot…and not moving.  Oh No my heart said as it sank.

Yes, keeping chickens is fun and rewarding.  We’ve got more eggs than we know what to do with.  When I started keeping chickens everyone told me about how easy it is.  Well it is both of those things, but it’s also work.  Actually a lot more work than I intended, not physically, but emotionally.  Chickens are really beautiful little creatures with their own personalities each.  I have a couple, Hawk and Legendary that run up to me when I go out, not for the food I’ve got in my hand, but for pets.  The tiniest bird, Stubborn a Silverlaced Bantam is one of the meanest of the bunch, and Lucy, my Rhode Island Red holds that spot – she’s the meanest ginger you’ve ever seen, pecking feathers out of Hawk and Spicoli’s heads just for fun.  And then there’s Cotton Ball, my dumb blonde, Baby – the scaredy cat.  And until yesterday, Lydia (She’s the one I named Easter Morning after Lydia Deetz), who any time I went to touch her crouched down with her wings out, I guess what chickens think of as their defensive stance…which it hardly is.  But I’ve gotten off the subject of Lydia and the real reason for this post.

Chickens will normally let you know if something’s wrong with them.  If you spend enough time with them you get to know their habits and quirks.  You can see if somethings…off.  When I put them in the night before, Lydia was absolutely fine.  Had been running around like normal all day, and the day before.  Judging from where she was laying, I think she died while she was sleeping, and fell off the roost.  Visually, there wasn’t anything wrong with her.  And it because it’s been raining on and off here lately, it hasn’t been that hot.  So it’s a mystery.  Then I started thinking, was she eating enough? Yes, Had she been sluggish, No.  It wasn’t that hot…What could it be?  The thing is, I don’t know.  It bothers me, but I have to accept it.  When you have animals, and as many as we do, death is a part of life on this little “suburban farm”.  And the just not knowing…that’s a part of life here too.

That’s Lydia, in the middle.

Lydia’s Song – sung to the sound of a ukulele

Lydia, Oh Lydia, your pretty comb fell to the right

Shiny, Black and Regal, with pristine eggs of White

One of my original Easter Five,

I wish you were still alive,

I miss you dear, wish you were here

and hadn’t died Friday Night.

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