Children’s Past Lives – How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child by Carol Bowman – this is an excellent book I found years ago that I’m re-reading. I was in a bookstore and it literally jumped out at me.  I’m glad it did.  I had a couple of past life conversations with my children (they brought it up, each on their own without prompting, out of the blue after I read this book).  The author documents many different types of past life experiences in the book and how to approach them if your child is remembering past lives.  This is an easy read, well written in common sense terms.  A couple of focus’ of interest are phobias and birthmarks.


The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield  – This is the book I had for years on my shelf for years until I pulled it down and read it, at just the right time.  A quick read – adventure novel that has some follow up books, The Tenth Insight, The Celestine Vision and an accompaniment book, that is kind of like a study guide to read while reading Celestine Prophecy.  This book was the stair step I needed to better understand Emissary of Light.