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Remote Viewing?

Good morning – Short check in, school starts tomorrow, so today is a busy day around here but I’ve got a question – do you have any experience with REMOTE VIEWING?  I always related remote viewing with the military and covert operations.  But after doing some research I think it’s much broader.  So – anyone out there with remote viewing experience?  I’m interested on hearing your take on it.  Positive, negative results?  If you read the blog and (I quote) “always wanted to comment but never have…”

Please, take this opportunity to add your input now.  I’m putting this question out to anyone that will answer.  I appreciate any response, opinion, or input – and for anyone starting school tomorrow – have a great first day!



Today’s view

My morning views, The beauty of Lake Tahoe never gets old. Taking the opportunity to share, then I’ll sit and be still.




Being Precog

Ok, I want to go back to the topic of recognizing YOUR own abilities.  When I write, it’s with the intention of creating connections for you, my readers.  So when I talk about my own abilities it’s not because I want you to see what I can do.  It’s so you can see what YOU can do.  I’m not here to impress you with me.  I’m here to impress you with YOU.

So the topic for today is Precog.  Here is Webster’s Online definition:

Adj. 1. precognitiveforeseeing the future

And here’s the definition for Premonition – Interesting note that the first definition contains the word “evil”.  I’ve never had an “evil” premonition.  Ever.  The second definition is however, relevant and correct.

Noun 1. premonitiona feeling of evil to come; “a steadily escalating sense of foreboding“; “the lawyer had a presentiment that the judge would dismiss the case

2. premonitionan early warning about a future event

Synonyms: forewarning

As ya’ll know, I read a lot.  Actually, I see myself moving into a role of a researcher.  I’m gathering information to present here for others to create clicks.  For me, clicks are those moments where something shifts then fits together and you get it, it clicks.  I talk about keys a lot.  Keys create the click, start the tumblers going.  Books lately have been my keys.  One, because of the information they hold, but also as I read, I receive information, the reading itself is like a channel.  The best way I can say this is while my mind is busy reading and receiving information that has been “placed” in front of me, it allows another part of my mind to widen to receive through what I can only imagine is the subconscious.  So my mind is working parrallel-ly.  (yes, a made up word) This also has happened with repetitive type of music.  And chores.  One of my “hottest” spots for receiving information is the spot in my kitchen right by the sink and the dishwasher.  One: it’s near water – a well know “conductor”.  Two: it’s where I do a repetitive action, washing or drying dishes.  Interestingly enough, I receive things differently in this spot than I do while reading.  By the sink most of what I receive  is audible – again, I receive from behind my right ear, and visually.  I’ll receive what I call “visual stamps” simple snapshots to be tucked away for later.  So moving into the title of the post – much of what I receive is that: precognative.

So when I am reading, and the book I’m reading right now is ABOUT premonitions – It’s called The Power of Premonitions – how knowing the future can shape our lives – by Larry Dossey, M. D.   – this book is pretty clinical in a lot of it’s writing and contains a lot of research work and studys done regarding parapsychology.  But it’s given ME some keys – for myself.   It helped me make the connection that how I receive is called Precognative.  I knew that, but it reminded me.  As I’m reading, I’m taking in the subject on the page, but my mind is also putting together what is ahead  of what I am currently reading on the page.  I have started to notice this as I continue to use books as a vehicle to receive information so it’s kind of like 3 channels are actually open at once.  I’m not doing a very good job of explaining this, so I’ll leave it alone for now.

Anyway, the book also goes into Precognative Telepathy – which is receiving information from another individual – mind to mind.  I know this post is long, but please stick with me here.  When I read – not books, but Readings – a session with a client – I have already received the information we are going to discuss – from them, prior to our meeting.  I get it, and just kind of store it, because I’ve learned that I’ll need it later.  Then during the session, my client will give me the go ahead – using the key words I look for in conversation that we are ready to “go there”.   EVERY time what they have sent me prior – telepathically – is what we are really there to discuss, usually VERY different than the reason they think they have booked a session.  But that’s it.  That’s THEIR key, and it can’t be denied.  This never ceases to amaze me.  The power of the mind is phenomenal, and the connections I continue to see unfold give me great joy.  These connections strengthen me in what I do, so I can turn around and keep giving my clients the keys they have given me to hand back to them.

Even more amazingly, I’ve also started to see a trend that I’ve talked about here before – being given information from one client that is relevent to – and is meant to be received by – another.  These are unforeseeable until the second  clients session.  And these are links between individuals that otherwise would not be connected any other way, except that they both had a session with me.  When this happens I get a wonderful feeling of happiness and honor for having been able to complete this transfer of information.  I love what I do and am thankful to everyone who contacts me for a reading for the opportunity to serve them.

One interesting note:  part of the definition above is second sight.  The book addresses this – in a way I connected with.  The author mentions the ability to see the future as being referred to as Second Sight.  When I read this I thought in my head, “but it’s not SECOND sight, it’s FIRST sight! Referring to it as second sight is wrong!”  Then right after I thought that, a few lines after that read [paraphrased]: James C. Carpenter of the Rhine Research Center believes the term second sight is misleading.  In two papers published in 2004, Carpenter actually proposed calling the ability for distant and future knowing FIRST SIGHT – an ability that everyone has that transcends visual senses.

Now I ask you, reader, – do you have a knack for premonition?  Do you even believe in telepathy or sending and receiving?  Have you ever had an experience like I’ve mentioned here?  I invite you to share it and get involved.  Your story or experience could be someone else’s key.  As always, thank you for reading and contributing  and have a great Saturday!

Little red cars and lions


I just reblogged a great post from a fellow clair – Clairvoyant Girl about a lion dream she had.  It hit home with me because it talks about the lion, although capable of roaring, sometimes is able to accomplish the same outcome through silence.  You can read the whole post below – I wanted to combine them, but I’m not good at that stuff yet, and I wanted there to be a direct link to her page, it’s well worth reading, especially for me, because a lot times we blog about very similar things – although completely without knowing it.  We are kind of on similar paths, I think.  I always enjoy reading her thoughts.

SO what do lions have to do with little red cars?  I’m a lion – or a Leo – having the honor of being born in August.  And I’m REALLY a Leo.  Like, TEXTBOOK Leo.  So some would say Bossy, Pushy, Self Important, Outspoken.  And sure I can be all of those things.  But the Lion is also in charge of keeping everything in line, making sure everyone is doing what needs to be done, and roars when necessary.  But also as ClairGirl says, “One thing I was reminded in my dream about power is that power does not have to be forced, or aggressive, what benefits us now is a silent power. One that you obtain from within. It is not about forcing your message on others or ramming your beliefs down someone’s throat. It is about believing in Your self and holding your space, think of the beautiful lion.”

Well said.

My husband’s car went out a couple of months ago and I’ve been driving him back and forth to work.  I’ve done it before when we’ve only had one car, and it gets tiring.  In the past I would have taken charge, and pushed and pushed and made the car thing happen – and that way includes a lot of frustration and irritation.  But this time, I sat back.  I let him take care of it, and just drove him back and forth.  I didn’t feel like pushing, and since it was his car, I figured it was for him to work out.  He was looking for a certain car, but it just wasn’t in the budget (we traded my car in March, so we already picked up a car payment.  Now we were about to pick up another one, after years of not having a car payment at all.).  Well we came across a little Honda Fit, which wasn’t the car he was looking for, but a really great deal, with REALLY good gas mileage.  I’ve always loved those little cars, and really liked this one, but I told him it was up to him.  I was hands off.  And you know what, it felt great.  It felt right to give the power over and just be the passenger.  Just along for the ride (and to sign the paperwork).  So the lion sat back and stayed silent.  And the lion liked it.  So that’s the link between lions and little red cars.  Hope everyone is having a happy Saturday.  And thanks again to ClairGirl for the great inspiration.  I do have some things to write about regarding last nights dinner, but that’s going to have to wait.

a clairvoyant journey


So is it coincidental that on the last night of July a Lion makes a showing in my dream? At first I thought it was really odd but it actually ended up making perfect sense.

In my dream I was standing in my garage looking out at my driveway. People were around, my kids and their friends. Many that I did not know. But we suddenly notice a large male lion walking towards our driveway. Common sense prompted us to close the garage door. Once we did we all stood and peered out the windows on the door (in reality my garage doors do not have windows). I recall being calm, methodical actually, as I watched this lion walk up and over my husbands truck. He just stopped and looked at me. We just looked at each other. I seemed a little bored, I was done watching him. I turned…

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An Experience

I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I haven’t been as true to the original purpose of the blog as possible, meaning I’ve been writing about life stuff, as it occurs, but haven’t been sharing as many “psychic” or clairvoyant experiences as I’d planned when I first started.  Here’s one that shows that when I receive information, it’s for someone else, not for me.  In most cases it doesn’t make sense to me, it’s just something to be relayed.  But sometimes what seems to be the most menial detail will “slap” the receiver in the face!

I was attending a seminar that was about connecting with your intuition.  I was with friends and I was pretty much in line with what the teacher was presenting.  Now I’ll take a second to say this – as a medium I think it’s important to keep “honing my skills” and learning from others, and in turn sharing information – that’s one of the main reasons for the dinners I’ve started hosting.  Too often I’ve had the experience that the person leading a seminar or class sees themselves as this great spiritual leader who is apart from the people that they are there to teach.  I don’t subscribe to this way of thinking.  I truly believe we are all students, and all teachers.  I think in coming together, we strengthen and teach each other, and that’s what we are supposed to be doing!

OK, so back to the story – there were many different types of people at the seminar, each with their own gifts that they were there to work on.  One woman caught my attention – she was very angry and spoke very poorly about her mother, who had passed and apparently had slighted her, not only in her will, but also throughout her life.  She spoke over and over of her psychic (this lady was what I call a psychic addict – she spent all of her energy and money on seeing psychics, wanting answers from everywhere else, not wanting to look inside.)  I tried not to listen to anything she said because her energy was so low and off-putting.

We were about midway into a midafternoon lecture on a topic that really wasn’t holding my attention, so I started to zone out a bit, just staring at the floor.  All of a sudden a ridiculous wave of sorrow came over me and I started crying – out of nowhere.  It really was like a wave that overtook me, but I knew the emotions I was feeling weren’t my own.  I began receiving information – and I can’t even explain how – just one minute I knew everything all at once.  I knew I had to talk to this woman who I had been avoiding the whole time – great.  I raised my hand and asked the teacher to speak to him quickly.   I asked if we could take a break, that I needed to speak to this woman and couldn’t go on with the seminar until I did.  Well, he was irritated by that, but allowed the break.

I approached the woman and asked if I could speak to her out in the hall.  We sat down and since I’d never really told anyone I had a message for them, I did the best I could.  I told her I had a message, and I thought it was from her mother.  She didn’t seem super excited about this, but was willing to at least listen.  I knew her mother wanted me to take her hand so I told her, “she wants me to hold your hand” so she held out her left hand.  Not even understanding why I dismissed it and said, “No, your right one.”  Well that was it.  She grabbed her hand away from me as if I had burned her and said, “HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT!!”

I was like, uh, know what?

She told me that when her psychic reads her she always held her right hand.  Her mother thought all of her spiritual seekings were a bunch of hooey, and apparently especially that – about having to hold the right hand specifically.  That got her going.  That was the key she needed to open up and hear what I (her mother) had to say.  I won’t go too much into the message except for this – the mother wanted her to understand that in spending time on the other side, and reviewing her life, she was so full of remorse for the pain she had caused her daughter, and she was able to see the beautiful relationship that could have been had she not been so petty and spiteful.  The tears I had had earlier in the day were of remorse, shed for the joy that could have been.  The mother daughter relationship that was cast aside.  It really was a feeling of hollow sorrow, and an honest feeling of repentfulness.  That’s the only way I can explain it.

After we spoke the woman kept cornering me trying to explain to me why she hated her mother so much, she was trying to make me understand.  But it wasn’t for me to understand or to make sense of.  I only had information to relay to her, information I wasn’t attached to.  I was outside of it.  She kept trying and trying to make me understand.  I don’t know what she took from that day, I do truly hope it was a starting point for healing to occur.  But I don’t know, I was only there as a channel for information.  I didn’t need to know.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has had an experience like this?  I would like for this blog to be a place for people to come to connect with others through experiences, so I ask you to please share, so others can gain some insight and learn about themselves.  Thank you for reading, and have an amazing day!

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